Fabrication Of Mini Hydraulic Zigzag Bending Machine report

Fabrication Of Mini Hydraulic Zigzag Bending Machine report


The main aim of our Project is to develop a model of mini hydraulic Zigzag bending machine which is a developed one that of the conventional one. It is more advantageous for making Zigzag bending in workpiece, such that it can form Zigzag profile using normal hydraulic press. It can be placed in all machine shop and all workshops to replace the conventional thing with less cost and low maintenance.


Bending is a process by which metal can be deformed by plastically deforming the material and changing its shape. The material is stressed
beyond the yield strength but below the ultimate tensile strength. The surface area of the material does not change much. Bending usually refers to deformation about one axis. Bending is a flexible process by which many different shapes can be produced. Standard die sets are used to produce a wide variety of shapes.
Bending is done using Press Brakes. This project we are using the hydraulic power to bend the metal pipe. Because using this hydraulic system have good load capacity and good efficient. And also this project consumes no electrical power. So cost is less compared to electrical powered hydraulic systems.
This pipe bender is an easy to use machine, capable of bending all types of steel pipes and tubing up to 180ø. Floor standing pipe bender with fabricated steel chassis and heavy-duty 12 ton hydraulics with integral pump and reservoir. A hydraulic pump, fitted within the heavy duty steel frame,  progressively applies up to 12 tons of pressure. Includes six interchangeable pipe-work formers from 1/2″ up to 2″. Perfect to have on the farm for making gates. Suitable for bending gas and air pipe from 1/2″ up to 2″. Suitable for both pipefitting and general fabrication. Please note this unit is not suitable for copper.


Bottle jacks are hydraulic jacks that are placed in a horizontal position. These jacks push against a lever, which lifts the main lift arm. Bottle jacks have a longer handle than most hydraulic jacks, however, and it is possible to get more lift per stroke with the increased leverage they provide when compared to regular models of jacks. Bottle jacks are versatile because their horizontal position makes it possible to place them in tight spots and provides good leverage. Recently bottle jacks have proven useful in search and rescue missions following earthquake damage. As a result, bottle jacks are standard equipment in firehouses and for search and rescue teams. They are also used for lifting, spreading, bending, pushing, pressing, or straightening requirements. The base and cylinders of bottle jacks are electrically welded for strength, and all models are capable of working in upright, angled, or horizontal positions.


  • Low temperature sensitivity of viscosity;
  • Thermal and chemical stability;
  • Low compressibility;
  • Good lubrication (anti-wear and anti-stick properties, low coefficient of friction);
  • Hydrolitic stability (ability to retain properties in the high humidity environment);
  • Low pour point (the lowest temperature, at which the oil may flow);
  • Water emulsifying ability;
  • Filterability;
  • Rust and oxidation protection properties;
  • Low flash point(the lowest temperature, at which the oil vapors are ignitable);
  • Resistance to cavitation;


The fabrication of mini hydraulic zig zag bending machine is consists of the following components to full fill the requirements of complete
operation of the machine.
1. Hydraulic bottle jack
2. Pulley
3. Pipe
4. Pressure relief valve
5. Pumping rod

drawing hydraulic zig zag bending machine
drawing hydraulic zig zag bending machine


Here our project consists of a hydraulic bottle jack which is placed vertically. The bottom portion of the jack is made welded or fixed to a beam which slides on two pillars which are placed parallel to each other. A single support is made fixed to the beam which is attached
to the lower end of the hydraulic cylinder and the tool is made welded to it. There will be a gap provided between the male tool and the female tool to form the bending accordingly. The piston from the cylinder is connected to the bottom of the beam. The sheet metal to be bended is placed in between the two tool beds, and then the operation is carried out by means of a pumping rod which is provided with the bottle jack.
After the bending operation is done, the hydraulic jack is made to come to the original position by opening the pressure relief valve which is
placed in the hydraulic jack. A guide may be provided for the up and down movement of the tool.


  • Quite simple
  • Compact
  • Less cost
  • Easy maintenance
  • More force than that of the conventional one.
  • No maintenance is required since it’s an easy mechanism


  • Leakage of oil affects the working efficiency.
  • Operation is slow.


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