Fabrication of U-Type, V-Type, L-Type Angle Bending Machine Report Pdf Download

Fabrication of U-Type, V-Type, L-Type Angle Bending Machine Report Pdf Download


In this paper bending of U shaped metal rod is carried with the help of pneumatic cylinder arrangement. This  method is very useful in industries to convert the lengthiest metal rod to the u shaped type. Here the main aim of the our project is reduce the man power, applying constant force at all time, automating the process and also increase the rate of production.The project is designed by following equipment compressor, control unit, Solenoid valve, Pneumatic Cylinder and  Mechanical model.


Pneumatic  is a section of technology that deals with the study  and application of  pressurized gas  to produce mechanical motion. Pneumatic systems are used extensively in  industry, and  factories  are commonly plumbed with  compressed air  or compressed inert gases. This is because a centrally located and electrically powered  compressor  that powers  cylinders and other  pneumatic devices through  solenoid valves  can often provide  motive power in a cheaper, safer, more flexible, and more reliable way than a large number of  electric motors  and  actuators.
Here in this project, we are using this technology to stamp on  a sheet metal which is placed in between the dies to get the required profiles.


Fabrication of U-Type, V-Type, L-Type Angle Bending Machine Report Pdf Download
The working of the process is fully pneumatic operated where  the air is the working medium. In this unit compressor is used  to supply the compressed air at certain pressure. This pressurized air is passed to the solenoid valve. The solenoid valve is  controlled by control unit. This solenoid valve is used to control the direction of flow of air to the pneumatic cylinder. In this pneumatic cylinder the piston rod actuates due to the pressure. At the end of piston rod bending tool is attached. So that  tool bends the rod into required U shape. Thus the work piece  clamped on the frame is bending due to the reciprocating motion of the bend.


1. It eliminates complicated parts like hydraulic cylinder pipe connections and pressure tubes.
2. Fluid Power transmitted through port so high efficient.
3. Control of system is easier
4. Maintenance cost is less
5. Can be achieved up to two ton force.


• Steel plants
• Toy manufacturing companies
• Automobile industries

• PVC door manufacturing companies

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1) “Fabrication of U-Type, V-Type, L-Type Angle Bending Machine” Volume : 3 | Issue : 11 | November 2014 • ISSN No 2277 – 8179

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