Pedal Operated Hacksaw Machine Report PDF Download

Pedal Operated Hacksaw Machine Report PDF Download


Pedal powered hacksaw machine is a machine which can be used for industrial applications and Household needs in which no specific input energy or power is needed. This project consists of a crank and slider mechanism. In the mechanism pedal is directly connected to the hacksaw through crank and slider mechanism for the processing of cutting the wooden blocks, metal bars, PVC materials. The objective of the modal is using the conventional mechanical process which plays a vital role. The main aim is to reduce the human effort for machining various materials such as wooden blocks, steel, PVC etc. The power hacksaw machine, which runs on human power, works on the principle of the conversion of rotational motion to oscillatory motion. Importance of this project lies in the very fact that it is green project and helps us to reduce our electricity need. Secondly, this cutter can be used and transferred to our working place easily. Moreover, if we want we can generate electricity with our project by connecting it to dynamo, diode and battery.

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Pedal power is the transfer of energy from a human source through the use of a foot pedal and crank system. This technology is most
commonly used for transportation and has been used to propel bicycles for over a hundred years. Less commonly pedal power is used to power agricultural and hand tools and even to generate electricity. Some applications include pedal powered laptops, pedal powered grinders and pedal powered water wells. Some third world development projects currently transform used bicycles into pedal powered tools for sustainable development.

Main Components of Pedal Powered Hacksaw Machine :-
1. Pedal
2. Sprocket
3. Chain
4. Crank
5. Connecting Rod
6. Flywheel
7. Clutch
8. Bearing Blocks
9. Brake
10. Hacksaw
11. Blade Pedal

Hacksaw blades are normally quite brittle, so care needs to be taken to prevent brittle fracture of the blade. Early blades were of carbon steel, now termed ‘low alloy’ blades, and were relatively soft and flexible. They avoided breakage, but also wore out rapidly. Except where cost is a particular concern, this type is now obsolete. ‘Low alloy’ blades are still the only type available for the Junior hacksaw, which limits the usefulness of this otherwise popular saw.

pedal operated washing machine report download 1
pedal operated washing machine report download 1

For several decades now, hacksaw blades have used high speed steel for their teeth, giving greatly improved cutting and tooth life. These blades were first available in the ‘All-hard’ form which cut accurately but were extremely brittle. This limited their practical use to benchwork on a workpiece that was firmly clamped in a vice. A softer form of high speed steel blade was also available, which wore well and resisted breakage, but was less stiff and so less accurate for precise sawing. Since the 1980s, bi-metal blades have been used to give the advantages of both forms, without risk of breakage. A strip of high speed steel along the tooth edge is electron beam welded to a softer spine. As the price of these has dropped to be comparable with the older blades, their use is now almost universal. 


It consists of the pedal arrangement which rotates the crank and through it slider consists of oscillating mechanism. The power is transmitted to the crank and slider mechanism. This mechanism is used to rotate the crank disc; the disc which is having an extended rod is connected to the sliding portion of the hacksaw directly by means of a linkage. The hacksaw is passed through the guide ways by means of maintaining the cutting axis. As the user operated the pedal, the hack saw cuts the various materials automatically with less power. The dead weight is for compressive force while the user operated the foot pedal.


I. Time saving as compared to simple hacksaw
II. Power saving as it is manually operated
III. Easy machinery used
IV. As it is pedal operated so good for health
V. Comfortable then ordinary hacksaw
VI. It is portable
VII. It could be used wherever metal cutting is done in small scales, including at construction sites and furniture units, or to cut metal for
window panes.


I. It’s totally manually operated
II. Time consuming as compared to electrical power hacksaw
III. Without human effort it’s not operated
IV. Not fit for heavy production


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