Project On Electromagnetic Shearing Machine

As industrial is coming up across the glob various invention
and innovations are being carried by human to fasten various
processes associated with manufacturing and align things. One
such thing is industrial automation unit. In this automation units
various machines those can be adopted easily are also getting
developed. Considering the example of piping industry (manufacture
of small pipes) where plastic are PVc pipes are needed to be cut,
shearing machines are used. There can be various types of
shearing machines depending on parts to be cut process of cutting,
requirement of cutting length, etc. now a days hydraulic shearing
machine, pneumatic shearing machine and mechanical type
shearing machine are popular type of shearing machines used in
above industries. These machines are certainly good at work but as
with almost all types of machines there are certainly pros and
prones association with them to for the purpose various work is
being carried out to solve the dilema.
In this project shearing m/c of a new type i.e. electromagnetic
shearing m/c is decided to be fabricated. Along with it has also been
decided to develop automation unit for the same so that m/c can
easily be adopted in todays automated plants. 
Electromagnetic Shearing Machine
Electromagnetic Shearing Machine 
The project work assigned here with us is of building a
shearing m/c that is capable of shearing PVC / plastic / rubber pipes
upto 6 mm in dia. Also it is pre-assigned work to furnish the same
m/c alongwith an automation unit as previously mentioned.
As simple layout and tricky operational enables this type of
m/c to work practically at low cost, low maintenance, low capital
investment in less space. It may be forecasted that in future this m/c
may have its unparallel place in the industry mentioned previously.
The work is carried out using MDF (Medium Density Fiber)
core hardwood plywood. Also some connecting components like
studs are used the plunger is made up of high density polymer pipe
and the core of electromagnetic is made up of again high density
polymer pipe. Rest of the construction is made in MDF sheet cut to
requirement. It can be noticed that in the fabrication of the project
many parts are manufactured other than ferrous material. It is done
so because ferrous is conductor of magnetism and controller be magnetised very easily for avoiding the flux generated for getting
disturb with surrounding material. 
The mat in surrounding is used
the non ferrous. The only major component is the iron core which is
needed to be made up of ferrous to get attracted to electromagnet
when live next part that is fabrication out of ferrous is stud nut bolt. It
is very necessary that for structural support that this part should be
made in strength and support for solving the problem. It has been
allowed to use ferrous material for the same. Also care have been
taken to keep this ferrous material part away from electromagnet as
for as possible.
Whenever electromagnet is made live it sucks the iron core in
between the cavity of the Electromagnetic because of high flux
generated. This iron core there by pushes the plunger in the same
direction which activates the cutter blade subassembly forcing the
same in the blade subassembly forcing the same in the direction of
material to be cut. This is simple procedure of cutting by this type of
Another part of the project includes development of automation unit for running this m/c on automation mode for cutting the mat as per required. This part include a Microcontroller a motor
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