Automatic PVC pipe Cutting Machine Mechanical Project


• Cutting the tools or the materials of finite length by manually will not yield a good result.
• So we have designed and developed the system which will cut the material automatically of finite length according to our requirements.
• We mainly concentrate on PVC cutting Machine for which we have designed the system.
The IR sensor is placed on the PVC machine where the final output PVC comes out of the machine. The IR sensor senses the Length of the PVC and the corresponding length.

Automatic PVC pipe Cutting Machine Mechanical Project 
Automatic PVC pipe Cutting Machine Mechanical Project


  1. This machine is very useful for small scale industries
  2. This machine is used to cut the roller sheet metal
  3. All Industrial Application
  •  High torque can not be obtained
  •  Load carrying capacity of this unit is not very high.(
  • Quick response is achieved
  • Simple in construction
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Cost of the unit is less when compared to other machine
  • No fire hazard problem due to over loading
  • Comparatively the operation cost is less
  • Continuous operation is possible without stopping
• According to the length what we design the cutting tool, cuts the PVC automatically.
• This type of cutting machine can be used anywhere, where we find the application of cutting the
materials of finite length automatically .
• it results in very accurate value. This is applicable to all type of industries.
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