Pneumatic Paper Cutting Machine Report – Mechanical projects

Pneumatic Paper Cutting Machine Report – Mechanical projects


The object of this project is to develop a Paper cutting machine to count the paper. The operation of paper cutting machine is performed by using a D.C Motor, Paper feed Mechanism, counting proximate Sensors and Presettable timer. The paper is held at a paper tray, one end of which is passed through three guide-rollers. The Electronic Counter is used to counting the number of paper transferred to the collecting tray. The number of papers transferred to the collecting tray is adjusted by resetting the Electronic counter.


The number of papers that are counted can be directly read on the Resettable count meter fixed to the frame stand. The paper cutting machine can be operated by using a permanent Magnet D.C motor. The machine is useful to count papers very accurately. The advantage of the machine is that it is portable and low cost machine

The advantages of Automations are

• Reduction of lab our and material cost
• Reduction of overall cost
• Increased production
• Increased storage capacity
• Increased safety
• Reduction in fatigue
• Improved personnel comfort


• It is very useful in all office accounts department.
• It is also useful in printing, Xerox Machine

Pneumatic paper cutting machine
Pneumatic paper cutting machine

Double Acting Cylinder

In this the force exerted by the compressed air moves the piston in two directions. They are used partially when the piston is required to perform work not only on the advance movement but also on the return stroke. This principle, the stroke length is unlimited, although bucking and bending must be considered before selecting the particular size of piston diameter, rod length and stroke length.

Solenoid Valve

Solenoids may be push type or pull type. The push type solenoid is one in which the plunger is pushed when the solenoid is energized electrically. The pull type solenoid is one is which the plunger is pulled when the solenoid is energized. The name of the parts of the solenoid should be learned so that they can be recognized when called upon to make repairs, to do service work or to install them.


Here the 555 IC has been used as a multi vibrator. The output of IC 555 is fed to the input pin (pin no 14) of CD 4017 continues counting.
The output of the IC becomes available at pin Nos. 3, 2 and 4. The output pulse of any one of output pin triggers (Puts ON) the Triac and current starts flowing across the load connected. This process continues on other pins at different time intervals and the cycle continues. The frequency interval (Time) of the cycle can be adjusted by the pre-set look connected to pin 6 of 555 Timer IC.

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Pneumatic Paper Cutting Machine Report – Mechanical projects

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