How to Make Vending Machine – Automatic Vending machine Projects

How to Make Vending Machine – Automatic Vending machine Projects


The usage of paper is inevitable and its demand is increasing steadily particularly in the places such as educational institutions, government offices, etc. At the same time, time is a precious thing that one does not want to waste in any way. In stationary shops it is quite difficult to buy papersduring rush time period and the counting of the paper depending on the requirement would cause further time delay and there is a chance for the error in the manual counting of paper. To avoid these problems, this project titled“Automatic Paper Vending Machine” is proposed to deliver the paper to the public by using the sensors and microcontrollers based on the Mechatronics principles. It will be more cheap and economic for the bulk production and it will be very useful for the college and school students. Here it is designed to deliver sheets by inputting the respective coin in the system. It will help us to save more time and manual work will be nullified.

What is Vending Machine : 
When the world is running hastily with advancement, time is the undisputedly the most valuable resource of all. It becomes inevitable to save the time by all possible means. In places such as shopping malls, wholesale and retail outlets, automation is incorporated for the automatic delivery of the products to the customers. A vending machine is a machine that dispenses items such as snacks, beverages, alcohol, cigarettes,lottery tickets, cologne, consumer products, and even gold and gems to customers automatically,after the customer inserts-currency or credit into the machine.

For instance, the automatic cool drink vending machine,ice-cream vending machine,chocolate vending machine, water/tea/coffee vending machines, etc. can be increasingly found to encroach the shops nowadays, which reduces the time and also reduce the human effort required to recognize, search, count and deliver the product along with the cash handling. The Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) is the best example of all, for the application of engineering principles to reduce time and human effort. These kinds of vending machines operate based on the application of electronics engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, which are collectively termed as the Mechatronics. Thus, it is proposed in this project to design and fabricate an automatic paper vending machine, with the application of mechatronics principles, so as to reduce the time taken and the human effort taken to deliver the paper to the customer in required quantity and size, and also meet the higher demand for paper at the peak time, such as examination seasons near educational institutions and almost everlasting demand near the government offices.

automatic vending machine
automatic vending machine

How to make Vending Machine :

The Automatic Paper Vending Machine works under the methodology of the mechatronics system with the objective to provide automation. Generally the automation deals with the elimination of manual work using electronic processing of mechanical work control mechanism. It consists of three main units which include:

A. Input unit
B. Processing unit
C. Output unit

Input Unit: The input unit of the automatic paper vending machine comprises of the components required to receive the coin from the customer and sensing the genuineness of the coin.

Processing unit: The processing unit comprises of the components required to ensure the reception of the genuine coin. It further, signals the output unit to deliver the number of paper to the customer, on insertion of a genuine coin inside the automatic paper vending machine.

Output unit: The output unit comprises of the components required to deliver the paper to the customer. It works on the instruction from the processing unit.

The automatic paper vending machine proposed in this paper, is made by the following list of components:
A. Microcontroller
B. Transformer
C. DC Motor
D. Roller
E. Transmission drives
F. Power supply board
H. Coin sensor
I. Casing


The main advantages of this automatic paper vending machine include:
1. It reduces the time taken to deliver the paper when a customer asks for the number of papers.
2. The counting of the required number of papers to be delivered would be accurate.
3. Faster delivery of papers to the customers would be possible during peak time and the unnecessary crowd near the stationery shops near the educational institutions, during examination season would be avoided.
4. Reduces human effort.


The disadvantages of this automatic paper vending machine include:
1. The insertion of fake currency coins inside the currency collector could not be prevented, though papers would not be delivered for them.
2. The coin sensor senses the density and size of the material of the coin. It is possible to access the papers by inserting fake coins with the material of same density and size.

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