The paper cutting process is a main part of the all paper and printing industries. Normally the paper cutting machine is manually hand operated one for medium and small scale industries. In our project is “AUTOMATIC PNEUMATIC PAPER CUTTING MACHINE”.
Automation in the modern world is inevitable. Any automatic machine aimed at the economical use of man, machine, and material worth the most. In our project is solenoid valve and control timing unit is used for automation.
The paper cutting machine works with the help of pneumatic double acting cylinder. The piston is connected to the moving cutting tool. It is also used to cut the small size of sheet metal. The machine is portable in size, so easy transportable.


The compressed air from the compressor is used as the force medium for this operation. There are pneumatic double acting cylinders, solenoid valve; flow control valve and timer unit used .The arm from the compressor enters to the floe control Valve. The controlled air from the flow control valve enters to the solenoid valve. The function of solenoid valves all of air correct time interval. The 5/2 solenoid valve is used. In one position air enter to the cylinder and pusses the piston, so that the cutting stroke is obtained.
Pneumatic Paper Cutting Machine 
Pneumatic Paper Cutting Machine

The next position air enters to the other side of cylinder and pusses the piston return back, so that the releasing stroke is obtained. The speed of the cutting and releasing stroke is varied by the timer control unit circuit.


  1. This machine is very useful for small and medium scale industries
  2. This machine is used to cut the paper and small thickness of sheet
  3. All Industrial Application


  1. While working, the compressed air produces noise therefore a silencer may be used.
  2. High torque can not be obtained
  3. Load carrying capacity of this unit is not very high.


  1. The pneumatic is more efficient in the technical field
  2. Quick response is achieved
  3. Simple in construction
  4. Easy to maintain and repair
  5. Cost of the unit is less when compared to other machine
  6. No fire hazard problem due to over loading
  7. Comparatively the operation cost is less
  8. The operation of cutting is faster because the medium used to operate is air
  9. Continuous operation is possible without stopping.

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