In small-scale industries and automobile maintenance shops, there are frequent needs of tightening and loosening in screws, grinding, boring, grinding machine. Huge and complicated designed parts cannot be machined in ordinary machine. Further for every operation separate machine is required. The increases the initial cost required, large area requirements and large number of machine are required. In a single machine all the above specified operation can be carried out, i.e., after grinding, the drill head is removed from the barrel key and the required tools like grinding wheels, boring tool etc., can be attached, and the operation can be performed. By the application of pneumatic, the pneumatic cylinder with piston which is operated by an air compressor will give the successive action to operate this machine. By this we can achieve our industrial requirements.


The main objective of our project is to perform various machining operations using “Auto feed mechanism” in grinding machine with the help of pneumatic sources. For a developing industry the operation performed and the parts (or) components produced should have it minimum possible production cost, then only industry runs profitability. In small-scale industry and automobile maintenance shops, there are frequent needs of tightening and loosening of screws, grinding, boring, grinding. Further for every operation separate machine is required. This increases the initial cost required, large area requirements and large number of machines is required. In our project the above complicated are rectified.


Mechanization is broadly defined as the replacement of manual effort by mechanical power. Pneumatic is an attractive medium for low cost mechanization particularly for sequential (or) repetitive operations. Many factories and plants already have a compressed air system, which is capable of providing the power (or) energy requirements and the control system (although equally pneumatic control systems may be economic and can be advantageously applied to other forms of power).
The main advantage of an all pneumatic system are usually economic and simplicity the latter reducing maintenance to a low level. It can also have out standing advantages in terms of safety.
Automatic Pneumatic Grinding Machine
Automatic Pneumatic Grinding Machine


The compressed air from the compressor is used as the force medium for this operation. The pneumatic double acting cylinder used .The air from the compressor enters to the four way junction. From four way junctions one way of air enters to the barrel unit. In side the barrel having vane arrangement is welled. The other way of air enters to the solenoid valve.
The function of solenoid valves all of air correct time interval. From solenoid valve air enters to the pneumatic double acting cylinder through flow control valve. The solenoid valve ON condition, the grinding head is automatically downwards and grinding operation occurs. After some time, the solenoid valve is OFF; the grinding head is automatically released.


  1. It reduces the manual work.
  2. Quick operation
  3. Accuracy is more
  4. Low cost machine
  5. Its used multipurpose device like Grinding, screw driving.


  1.  Noise produced


  • Used automobile workshops like carburetor holes
  • Used small scale industries
  • In welding shop for grinding
  • For performing the operations in huge part which cannot be done in ordinary machines. Since it’s portable.
  • In such places where frequent change in operation are required.

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