Solenoid Operated Pneumatic Grinding Machine

Solenoid Operated Pneumatic Grinding Machine – Mechanical Projects 


Introducing pneumatic grinding arrangement used for different jobs. Grinding has been one of the major operation in all the industries since the era of industrialization started. But to this date it has not seen automation at affordable costs. Hydraulic grinding solved the problems of
conventional grinding but it was too costly.
The idea of the project was to have an intermediate arrangement that solves the purpose of automation and is also economic. The proposal is to move grinder in a direction back and forth by pressing a single button. This has been done earlier but not with the concept of pneumatics.
And as a matter of fact pneumatic approach is cheaper than the hydraulic one. Thereby achieving automation at a low cost. In this arrangement air compressor is employed which supplies pressurized air to actuate pneumatic cylinder. This in turn carries the grinder forward for the grinding action. For adjusting the feed of the job we have used lead screw arrangement. Solenoid valve reverses the direction of air movement in the cylinder in order to bring grinder back to its rest position.
Even being a small model for illustration this arrangement pleases by achieving close tolerances. Also there is no fatigue to the operator. This is a very smooth-acting device, and the minimal power loss. It can be run at nearly any speed, even at high speed, and is very efficient. It is fascinating to watch in action, grinding being done automatically.

Introduction –

There are many electrically operated grinding machines of different configurations and different manufacturers are available for the use in machine shop. These machines can grind jobs of different material precisely. Now in industry, it is necessary to grind jobs with very high rate to achieve mass production requirements. So there is need to move for a new technology which gives us a mass production with less time and less energy input. It is impossible to depend upon conventional grinding machine. By using this pneumatic grinding machine the jobs can be ground maintaining tolerances to achieve high speed cutting rate and mass production for maximum benefit in manufacturing industries. This machine overcomes the drawbacks and limitations of conventional grinding machines. It can be used in a small workshops and industries as it is available in very low price and its smaller size and high efficiency.

Solenoid Operated Pneumatic Grinding Machine - Mechanical Projects 
Solenoid Operated Pneumatic Grinding Machine – Mechanical Projects

The setup of pneumatic grinding machine is very simple, it operates with mechanism of pressurized air from a compressor. Compressed air pushes the piston of cylinder back and forth. This reciprocating motion of pneumatic cylinder is used to obtain the linear motion of grinder
mounting plate and material is ground.

Principle Mechanism

Solenoid operated pneumatic grinding machine works on the principle of pneumatics. In this compressed air from the compressor pushes the grinder in the forward direction. Lead screw arrangement has been used to give feed to the work-piece. On adjusting the feed forward stroke of the piston of pneumatic cylinder pushes grinder forward. The solenoid valve is used for reversal of direction and to bring the grinder backward for the next stroke.


For assembly of solenoid operated pneumatic grinding machine first of all mount the grinder on base plate horizontally, with pneumatic grinder on one of the ends so that it can utilize movement of piston as its forward stroke. On the same base fix a vice for holding the job and adjust the feed using lead screw arrangement. Connect output of compressor to the solenoid valve using pipe of suitable diameter. Also the solenoid valve is connected to pneumatic cylinder too.

For controlling the amount of air from compressor that enters the cylinder use flow regulating valves. These also assure a jerk free operation, if adjusted properly. A compressor generating a pressure of 4 kgf is sufficient for running our proposed arrangement. Also to make sure that the grinder plate moves forward mount it on another plate with grooves engraved on it. Finally the whole apparatus can be placed on stand to be given some height as per our convenience.

Advantages –

• Quick operation.
• Accuracy is more.
• Low cost machine.
• Simple in construction.
• Less maintenance.
• Reduces manual work

Application –

Can be implemented in industries which utilise materials such as –
• Plastic and rubber.
• Stone, ceramics and glass.
• Leather and metal.


  • Leakage of air affects the working of the unit.
  • Costlier than manual grinding because of compressor unit but it can be cut-short if compressor is already employed.
  • Only small sized jobs can be ground.


Solenoid Operated Pneumatic Grinding Machine – Mechanical Projects 

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