Design And Fabrication of Sugarcane Cutting Machine Report Download

Design And Fabrication of Sugarcane Cutting Machine Report Download

India is an agricultural country, In which 70% people are farmers. As, the population of India is growing, the demand of food is also increasing. Therefore, we should try to bring more land under cultivation. Under these circumstances, we are in need of fast cutting process
instead of traditional cutting methods. In past, agri-related activities were taken care by means of manual force. But now a days in most parts of our country there is scarity of labours; hence labours are not available when required. So the labour cost is increased as for cutting of sugarcanes only skilled labours are required.
To minimize the labour cost and to get work done in minimum, time at cheap cost we have designed “SUGARCANE CUTTER’. It is simple in
construction. It does not need skilled labour.

In primitive India, agri-related activities were taken care of by manual means. But in most of the parts of our country, there is a scarcity of labours and hence labours are not available when required. This gives an opportunity to develop some new method. So, mechanization of agriculture equipment becomes necessary. INDIA is the country of farmers and near about 70% of it’s Population depends on agriculture. The History of Indian farmers tells us today how they have achieved the comfortable position. He acquired the skill of raising crops which provided food whenever he found good fertile land, he settled down and took to agriculture and also followed other pursuits of its which made him richer and more comfortable.

As the population Increased food was not sufficient and surplus population of more on the other areas not so productive. As a result of demand of food is increased, man is trying to bring and more land under cultivation, under these circumstances we are in need of fast cutting procedure instead of manual crop cutting.
So we have to adopt mechanical means for the purpose of cutting crops. This alternative is not only fast but also very cheaper than the conventional manual crop, cutting.

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Manual Sugarcane Cutting By Sickle
Generally manual sugar cane cutting involves slicing and tearing action that results in plant structure failure due to compression, tension or shear. This manual sugar cane cutting practice is followed by majority of farmers because of socioeconomically and agro-technological reasons. Different types of sickles are used in different part of country.

Principle of Sickle

Designs of sickles are based on principles of two types of cutting friction and shear. It is assume that the cutting action is taken place due to friction when the knife-edge of the cutter slips around the stalk.
The serrated sickle combines the slicing and sawing action. The Serrated edge used in cutting devices restricts the sliding action of the plant on the blade for adequate action of the plant on the blade for adequate cutting. It has been Reported that sickle with serrated edge do not required the repeated sharpening needed by smooth edge sickles.

Cutter Blade

Blade Sharpness :-
The sharpness of blade is an important parameter in cutting process. It was observed that sharpness is affected power requirements. A blade having Leading edge thickness less than 0.127 -mm required 35% less energy.

Blade Velocity :-
Blade velocity is the another important parameter in cutting process. This velocity depends upon diameter of blade and no. of RPM. As diameter & RPM are less the time and force required for cutting will be more and vice- versa and hence optimum value of diameter & RPM must be taken into consideration.

Dia. of Stem :-
Cutting forces are changed according to the dia. of stem. According to the category of sugarcane. The strength & diameter of stem varies and thus the Cutting force also changes.

sugarcane cutting machine
sugarcane cutting machine


 Sugarcane Considerations :-
The soil and water are two variables, which either have to be suitably adjusted for the plant to grow. The plant showed be so bred and adjusted that it will adjust to given soil and water conditions, sugar cane takes one year to matured on the basis of life of crop. It is known as a seasonal, annual and perennial. India is a country of small farmers whose holdings are not only small but fragmented. They carry-out many farm operation with hand tools.

Parts Description of Sugarcane Cutting Machine :-

Frame :-
Frame is the body of machine which is made of mild steel (90x690xl6) THK. The frame is of rectangular shaped. Frame acts as a chassis. This is made by welding the M.S. Plate.

Pulley :-
Pulleys are used to transmit power from driver shaft to driven shaft with the help of belts.

V-belt :-
V-belt is used to transmit power from driver pulley to the driven pulley V belts are advantageous over the other types by it has negligible slip. The design for V belt is explained in chapter no.5.

 Cutter :-
Cutters are used to cut the sugarcane. It is circular in shape. Cutter is of 12 inch (both) in diameter and 3mm in thickness. There are two number of cutters.

Bearings :-
Bearings are used to support the shafts and to prevent the overhanging of shaft. These are total 4 in number, bearings used in our assembly. This bearing should be greased properly. Two are ball bearings, 2 are taper roller bearings, sustaining all types of loads.

Stepped Spindle :-
Shafts are used to transmit the power. There are 2 shafts in our machine Both are made in 4 steps. On first step pulley is mounted. On two succeeding steps, housing arrangement with seal for bearing is made. On last step, cutter is mounted.

Special Purpose linkage :-
The sugar cane cutting machine is attached with the Frame of cultivator by making the additional T-arrangement. This T-section is bolted with Frame of Cultivator. Finally the Frame is connected with top link and load link of tractor. The cutter height from the ground level is adjusted by using hydraulic arrangement, which is in built with tractor.

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Design And Fabrication of Sugarcane Cutting Machine Report Download – Click Here to Download Report in Pdf Format 

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