The aim of the project is to design and fabricate the air operated mirror cutting machine. Cutter is a common tool used in various cutting shape for a variety purposes. In this project, a glass cutter is provided which can form, using a wheel, a uniform crack in glass even when a projection or an earlier-formed scribe line is present on the glass. When the wheel is moved on the glass, a fracture layer is formed causing a rib mark to be formed below the fracture layer and a crack to be formed below the rib mark. To cut the glass, the crack is required to be formed uniformly. 
Applying a force to resist the rotating force of the wheel makes it possible to form a uniform crack even when a projection is present on the glass. This improves glass cutting yield. A glass cutter is a tool used to make a shallow score in one surface of a piece of glass that is to be broken in two pieces. The scoring makes a split in the surface of the glass which encourages the glass to break along the score. Regular, annealed glass can be broken apart this way but not tempered glass, since it shatters rather than breaking cleanly into two pieces.
A glass cutter may use a diamond to create the split or more commonly a small cutting wheel is used made of hardened steel or tungsten carbide 4-6 mm in diameter, with its cutting edge ground to a V-shaped profile. Some glass cutters hold a small amount of cutting oil, which both lubricates the wheel and prevents the split in the glass from closing. When properly lubricated a steel wheel can give a long period of satisfactory service. The improvement of cutter which is design and fabricate of a pneumatic cutter. This cutter also safe to use When press the ON button the high pressure air comes and leads the cutter to cut on the mirror surfaces. Hence, cutter can help people to cut the mirror easily and also can used it in a long term.

Block Diagram

  • Simple in construction
  • Less cost
  • High performance
  • Easy cutting of mirror
  • Less time
  • Easy operation
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