Sugarcane Harvesting Machine Project

 In today’s competitive world there is a need for faster rate of production of agricultural
products. Agriculture is the backbone of India. In India almost all farmers facing problems of
labour shortage. Day by day labour wages are increasing and in the same way demand of
agriculture products are also increasing and today’s world need faster rate of production of
agriculture products. This project aims to design and fabricate small scale sugarcane
harvesting machine for sugarcane harvesting to reduce farmer’s effort and to increase
production of agricultural products. Machine consists of petrol engine and different
mechanisms are used in this machine. When compare to manual harvesting by using this
machine has a capacity to cut canes in faster rate and it is economical. The machine is
helpful for both whom having small or big farms. 
In India agriculture has facing serious challenges like scarcity of agricultural labour,
not only in peak working seasons but also in normal time. This is mainly for increased
nonfarm job opportunities having higher wage, migration of labour force to cities and low
status of agricultural labours in the society. Sugarcane is the world’s largest crop 2010 Food
Agricultural Organization (FAO) estimates it was cultivated on about 23.8 million hectares in
more than 90 countries, with a worldwide harvest of 1.69 billion tons. Brazil was the largest
producer of sugarcane in the world and India in second position. Harvesting is a process of
cutting and gathering of mature crop from the field. Harvester is a machine is used for
harvesting. Different types of harvesting machines are available in the market namely paddy
harvester, Tea harvester, Potato harvester, Wheat harvester and sugarcane harvester as
mentioned above all are available in small scale except sugarcane harvesting machine.
Sugarcane harvesting is an agricultural machinery use to harvest and process. sugarcane.
Sugarcane is harvested by hand and mechanically. 
Design and Fabrication Of Small Scale Sugarcane Harvesting Machine
Sugarcane Harvesting Machine Project Model
Disadvantages of manual harvesting are:
• Harvesting time will be more
• Efficient work is not done
• The cost will be more
• Shortage of labour
Advantages of machine harvesting are:
• Harvesting time will be less
• Efficient work is done by using machine harvester
• Limited number of labours are required
• Cost of harvesting is comparably less as manual harvesting

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