Crop cutting machine is mechanical device. It can be use for cutting the dry cut stalks of grain break or covering of trunk of tree. In the crop cutting machine required less human effort and it is very reasonable for middle class farmer it is not complicated structure and it is easily operated by unskilled person.
In this cutting machine have the two blades one is right hand side and another is left hand side. This can be applicable for the cutting of crop such as Javari, Tuar, maize etc. It can reduce labor cost due to the only one person can handle. Crop cutter machine does not required high maintenance. 

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Crop harvesting is last stage in farming which takes maximum time of farmer among all farming process. In India harvesting is generally done manually. Thus our intention is to provide farmer a “CROP HARVESTER IN AGRICULTURAL APPROACH”. This machine consists of simple mechanism make to run by an engine which will be economical to farmer and will take less time for harvesting operation.
Crop harvesting is a process of cutting the crops closed to the ground or pulling the plants when they are ripped out. It include cutting the stems of coral crops like tuar, Jawar, Bajra, Maize etc. closed to the ground. in our country it is generally done by sharp sickle. On the basis of this large number of crop harvester are in use at today’s date, which are available at different shape and size and on different power supply. Some of them are pneumatic crop harvester, hydraulic crops harvester and crop harvester running on tractor engine. Since they are costlier keeping in to consideration the
economic ability of our farmer it is required that is should be simple and should fulfill the same intention which are achieved by “CROP HARVESTER IN AGRICULTURAL APPROACH”. This machine is made to run by a single cylinder four stroke petrol engine of 197cc and having a speed of nearly 3600 rpm. 

Components Required:

1. Engine –
 It is the model of MK20HSPP of the mode hand pump. It is the type of 4 stroke air cooled engine net power is 3600 rpm (3HP). 
2. HSS Metal strip
3. MS Angle plate 
4. MS Plate
5. MS Rod (Bar) 
6. GI pipe 
7. Sheet Metal 
8. Pedestal Bearing 
9. CI. Pulley 
10. Aluminum Pulley 
11. V-Belt 
12. Wood Wheel 
13. Rubber grip of wheel
14. Nut & Bolt 
15. Spring Washer 
16. Hand Grip 
17. Cable Wire
18. Colour 


 Firstly the MK 20 3 HP single cylinder four stroke petrol engine having a speed of 3600 rpm is started by manually. The engine shaft which will get the power from engine. Then fixed a small cast iron driving pulley on these engine shafts. At this stage the speed of engine is 3600 rpm, but we required a speed of 900rpm for the operation of harvesting . For these purpose we use pulley and v belt drive on intermediate shaft for reducing the speed. Then we fixed 3 (A section) aluminum pulley
and v belt on intermediate shaft. From these engine shafts power will be transmitted to the intermediate shaft with the help of pulley and v-belt drive.
Crop Harvester Agricultural Project
Crop Harvester Agricultural Project
 The motion of power transmission from engine shaft to intermediate shaft is horizontal. And at this stage speed of intermediate shaft become 1800 rpm. And again for the purpose of harvesting operation we use two cutter shaft. At top end of these cutter shafts we fixed a 127mm aluminum driven pulley and at lower end of shaft cutter is fixed, similarly for other cutter shaft. The 2 driving pulley which is mounted on intermediate shaft will transmit the Power to the cutter shaft and at this stage we got the required speed of 900 rpm. By this ultimately a power will be transmitted to the both
cutter and it’s start to rotating whose half portion will be outside the length of casing. This half portion of cutter will comes in a contact with crops and perform harvesting operation without shattering of grain. These cutter revolve 15 times per second.


1. Reduce the human effort:-crop harvester mostly designs for reduce the human efforts in which only one operator can be operate or handle the machine. While the machine will begin there is not required more than one or two worker. 
2. Reduce the cost: – in the agriculture for cropping the soya bin, javar and tuvar. It can cut cheapest prices because it saves the worker cost.
3. Reduce the time: – when worker is cutting the crop they have more time for cutting but when the use of the crop cutter harvester they increase the capacity of the working and cutting and it can possible the maximum crop cutting within minimum time. 
4. Easy to handle: crop cutter machine is easy for handling we can easily start the machine.
5. Unskilled worker can operate: – no skill person required for operating the machine.
6. Safety to use: – during the working if any problem occurs in the machine we can easily find it. 


1.  Light weight crops it can’t cut e.g. .Wheat, Rice, Soybean
2.  Cost is increase when petrol is use.
3.  Noise pollution. 


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