Design and Fabrication of Automatic Stamping Machine for Post Card

Design and Fabrication of Automatic Stamping Machine for Post Card

From the ancient time stamping action is done manually. The project named titled as AUTOMATIC STAMPING MACHINE FOR POST CARD, the purpose of this project is not only to minimize the human effort but also to minimize the time required for this action with the help of conveyor belt and rack and pinion mechanism. This machine utilizes electricity and gives a last impression on card as an output. The design and fabrication of AUTOMATIC STAMPING MACHINE FOR POSTCARD consist of rack and pinion mechanism, conveyor belt, dc motor, shaft and bearing. When the current supply is given to system the dc motor start as well as it rotates the conveyor. Here we use the relay as a switch, when the card comes to the stamping arm, relay stop the dc motor and actuate the rack and pinion mechanism, as it moves in linear direction the card get stamp. This machine can be used in post office, school and colleges for stamping on ID card. It is also use in many industries. By changing the rubber stamp this machine can be used for giving the any shape and size of mark on card, like logos, signature, etc. the design provide comfort for the operator. This machine works efficiently and satisfactorily.

In modern era, the world is developing rapidly in day to day life of the human machine; system is changing as becoming vast rapidly. For small things to big ones are becoming advance in our day to day life and taking it under consideration, but we looking till a day the stamping action is done manually. In this system it takes plenty of time to work and also energetic. In order to reduce such problems, taking time criteria under consideration, we thought to accept the challenge to make a machine which can stamp on cards automatically. Some of the functions we had successfully implemented on machine that it can auto stamp on cards by using conveyor belt and stamping machine. It consists of conveyor belt, electric motor, stamping arm. It leaves a lasting impression of any shape and size. To make it effective and successful many mechanical application are used systematically. The system consumes electric supply as a source of energy. When the current supply ON the current goes to the system through step down transformer it converts the high power of energy into low power up to 12v. The current voltage goes to dc motor through capacitor to relay and motor get start, it convert electrical energy into rotational energy. This rotational energy transferred to the roller.

As conveyor belt mounted on roller it also rotated and the card placed on conveyor goes in the forward. When the card comes under the stamp arm presses the relay switch, at this situation the relay breaks the circuit from the dc motor as well as it actuates the rack and pinion. Because of linear motion of pinion the last impression gives on card. As dc motor has capacity of 65 rpm this process goes continue and the cards on conveyor belt get stamped.

After design work, the actual manufacturing of various parts is started. Numbers of various manufacturing processes are used
to give the final assembly.


consist of following

  • It consists of conveyor belt, electric motor, stamping arm and rack & pinion gear mechanism.
  • It leaves a lasting impression of any shape and size.
  • First of we connect the wire with power supply board to transformer.
  • This transformer is Step Down type of transformer.This converts the high power of current into low power.
  • The output connection of transformer is connected to capacitor filter.The output of capacitor filter is connected to the relay.
  • The main function of relay is as amplifying a digital signal, switching a large amount of power with a small operating power.
  • It gives output supply to the both of machines.
  • The first connection goes to the dc motor & other goes to the stamping machine.
  • The electrical dc motor is connected to the drive roller with 65 rpm.
  • It gives the motion to the roller in clockwise direction.The roller is fixed on metal rod between two end corners of metal body.
  • The rod is fixed in the small ball bearing for reducing the friction & provides smoothness to the operation.
  • The cotter pin is provided for stable the rod to their places.Both rollers are connected with conveyor belt for travelling of component from one place to another. The rack & pinion mechanism used for stamping on the letter. It placed at the vertical position on the top of the track of the metal body.
Automatic Stamping Machine for Post Card
Automatic Stamping Machine for Post Card

The advantages of AUTOMATIC STAMPING MACHINE FOR POST CARD are as follows:-

  • It minimizes the human effort which required for stamping.
  • It reduces the human mistakes which occurred on work of stamping.
  • It minimizes time as compare to human working conditions.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It require semi-skilled person for operation.

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