Design of basic model of semi-automatic dish washer machine

Design of basic model of semi-automatic dish washer machine


Main aim of semi-automatic dish washer machine isto reduce human efforts and time with its innovative simple design which is also environment friendly. A dishwasher is a low cost machine made up of easily and readily available parts in daily life. The model of semi-automatic dish washer machine is new concept, which in its one washing cycle does all the operations of conventional dish washing i.e. spraying soda water, scrubbing with brush and rinsing with clean water similar to fully automatic dish washer machines in market. The dishwasher operates with help of DC motor, Universal motor, conveyor belt and microcontroller for time delay. Dish which is placed on the conveyor belt enters the first washing chamber where it is cleaned with soda water and scrubbed with the brushes. This is then passed to next chamber where it is rinsed with the clean water and finally moves out as a complete washed dish.

In India, Dish washing activity is manual process involving considerable human efforts or with automatic Dish washing machines available in market which are expensive. Manual Dish washing activity requires more number of people and also it is time consuming process involving human efforts. Cost required for labour work is also considerably high. This project intends to solve the problems faced by many persons in their day-to-day life. Thusthe attempt has been made to achieve
solution of above problems with semi-automatic dish washing machine with objectives that it should minimise human efforts and should have low cost with less time consumption and must have all the basic mechanisms – washing with soda water, scrubbing with brush and rinsing in clean water.

Design of basic model of semi-automatic dish washer machine
Design of basic model of semi-automatic dish washer machine

Components Of Projects:

  1. Frame
  2. Conveyer belt
  3. Power supply requirement
  4. Universal motor
  5. DC brush motor
  6. DC Geared motor
  7. DC Water Pump
  8. IC L293D
  9. Microcontroller 8051

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