Design and Development Pneumatic Operated Washer Making Machine

Design and Development Pneumatic Operated Washer Making Machine

This research article presents the advanced method design and development of pneumatic operated washer making machine. The pneumatic system has gained a large amount of importance in last few decades. This project work mainly includes the main components of
designs of pneumatic operated washer making machine such as: design of cylinder, selection of direction control valve, and selection of tube, design of aluminum sheet, plastic sheet, tar felt sheet and pneumatic circuit design. Design analysis also done by using CATIA software.
Fabrication and implementation includes: fabrication of frame and components. This importance is due to its accuracy and cost. Due to ease of operation, handiness, and expediency in operating the pneumatic system has made us to design and fabricate this unit as our project. This pneumatic operated washer making machine unit, as we hope that it can be operated easily with partially skilled operators also. The pneumatic operated washer making machine has an advantage of working in low shear strength pressure, that is even a shear strength of 72 N/mm2 is enough for operating the unit. Different types of pneumatic operated washer making machines as requirement can be thus got. According to the work material the operating shear strength can be varied .

The main function of pneumatic press is to punch thin sheet metals or nonmetals using pneumatic power. In this project, authors used
punching process and bending process for simple application and using the foot operated valve instead of hand operated lever so single
man can perform the operation of machine like punching easily.

In today’s practical and cost-conscious world, sheet-metal parts have already replaced many expensive cast, forged, and machined products. The reason is obviously the relative economy of operation, easier implementation for mass-production, as well as greater control on the technical parameters. In almost all of the sheet metal operations punching or pressing operation is the major or primary operation in the process operation series.

Design and Development Pneumatic Operated Washer Making Machine
Design and Development Pneumatic Operated Washer Making Machine

Automation, this operation results in reduced lead time and also can decrease human attempt. Automation can be defined as the “technology related with application of electrical, mechanical, electronic and computer-based integrated systems to operate and control production process”. There are many reasons for automating the process. The reason may be to reduce manufacturing lead time, to increase labour productivity or to improve the worker safety, etc. Sheet metals are frequently employed for industrial and end user parts because of its high capacity for being bent and formed into complex shapes. Galvanized iron, tin plates, copper, brass, zinc, aluminium etc. metals are regularly utilized. Sheet metal parts include automotive industry, agricultural machinery parts, and aerospace applications as well as consumer equipments.

Definition of Problem
• Now days, in industrial sector heavy and bulky machines used to washer making.
• Available machines having less efficiency with high initial cost.
• Industry require highly trained worker to run machine.
• Time required to produce washer is more.

• Studying current machines used to make washers in industries.
• Studying cutting forces and properties of materials.
• Design and fabricate a machine.
• Taking test of machine.
• Calculate payback time of designed machine.

Working Principle
The compressed air from the compressor at the pressure of 8 to 12 bar is passed through a pipe connected to the directional control valve with one input. The directional control valve is actuated with Control Timing Unit. The directional control valve has two outputs and
one input. The air entering into the input goes out through the two outputs when the timing control unit is actuated. Because of the
elevated air pressure at the bottom of the piston, the air pressure below the piston is in excess of the pressure above the piston.

Therefore, this moves the piston rod upwards which in addition moves up the effort arm, pivoted by control unit. This force acting is
bypassed on to punch which also moves downwards. The punch is also, guided by a punch guide which is fixed in such a way that
the punch is clearly guided to the die. The materials are in between the punch and die. So as the punch descends down, the material is
sheared to the required profile of the punch and the blank is moved downwards through the die clearance.

• No extra skill is required for operating this system.
• This machine can run continuously for longer period.
• Simple construction than the mechanical and hydraulic presses.
• Compared to hydraulic and mechanical presses pneumatic press is economical.
• By this machine we can get more output by applying less effort.
• This machine is environment friendly.
• Convenient to assemble and disassemble.
• Reduce human efforts and time.

• Stroke length is fixed.
• Force developed is very less as compared to hydraulic machine.
• There is limit on the thickness of sheet metal.

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