Pneumatic Brick Making Machine -Mechanical Project

Pneumatic Brick Making Machine -Mechanical Project


In our project we are fabricating the pneumatic brick making machine, it is operated by pneumatic cylinder. In olden days or even now, most of the brick making industries use human power to make bricks. If it is very few number of bricks it is easy and advisable to use human power but when it is huge in numbers only machines can perform faster, and easily than human. Continuous working of workers leads to fatigue. By considering the above difficulty we have introduced a new concept called pneumatic brick making machine. This project is designed by following blocks, Control unit, Pneumatic cylinder, Motor, screw conveyor, Brick die.

DRAWING Pneumatic Brick Making Machine -Mechanical Project 
DRAWING Pneumatic Brick Making Machine -Mechanical Project


Block Diagram For  Pneumatic brick Making Machine 
Block Diagram For  Pneumatic brick Making Machine


In our model pneumatic plays a main role. The sand and water mixture is loaded in the funnel. The funnel outlet leads to a screw conveyor which is placed vertically. The screw conveyor mixes the sand and water thoroughly. After the above process the mixture is allowed to pass to through the outlet. As said above after the outlet is opened the mixture is transferred to the next stage where the shape of brick can be achieved. The mixture is dropped in the brick die. A pneumatic cylinder with pressing plate is arranged in such a manner that it presses the sand mixture in the die to form a rectangular shape. The pneumatic cylinder is actuated with the help of a compressed air and the solenoid valve. The valve can be operated by the electric supply. The solenoid valve changes the direction of the air supply to the pneumatic cylinder. When the air is allowed to pass to the rear side of the cylinder the forward stroke occurs and when the air is passed to the front side the return stroke occurs. Number of die is placed on the conveyor. The conveyor setup has burner arrangement below. The after the above process mixture must be heated to get a rigid form. To make it strong enough the mixtures is heated to a certain limit. All this above process leads to make a brick. These operations can perform by the timing control. The whole operation is controlled by the micro-controller.

  • Easy to construct
  • Quick response since it is pneumatic
  • Reduces human effort
  • Time consumption is very less. 

  • It need separate compressor to operate the cylinder.

It is applicable in brick making industries.

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