Hydraulically Operated Bush Bearing Puller Report Download

Hydraulically Operated Bush Bearing Puller Report Download


This is a self – assessment test on the part of the students to assess his competency in creativity.
During the course of study, the student is put on a sound theoretical foundation of various mechanical engineering subjects and of course, to a satisfactory extent. Opportunities are made available to him to work on different kinds of machines, so that he is exposed to various kinds of manufacturing process.
As a students learn more and more his hold on production technology becomes stronger. He attains a stage of perfection, when he himself is able to design and fabricate a device. This is the project work. That is the testimony for the strenuous training, which the student had in the institute. This assures that he is no more a student, he is an engineer. This report discuses the necessity of the project and various aspects of planning , design, selection of materials, fabrication, erection, estimation and testing.


A Hydraulically operated bush bearing puller is a device which enables the single persons to operate it alone and removes the bearing the from machine parts . No special skill is needed to operate or remove the bush bearing form the machine parts. It can widely used. It is easy to fit on the operate or remove the bearing from the machine parts..
This device is worked by the principle of hydraulic lifting system to exert the pulling power to remove the bearing from the machine blocks. This is operated by hydraulic power without use of man power.
. As the bottom flange has a hole which is set below the bottom portion of the bush bearing in the machine block, makes to provide grip for pulling the bush bearing. Through this bottom flange hole a screw rod inserted . he other end of the screw rod is connected to the top flange which is moving towards upward direction by the action of hydraulic jack. If we lift the jack, the top flange pulled the centre rod. So the centre rod rises with bottom flange gradually with the liner. Thus the liner is removed.

hydraulic jack
hydraulic jack


This unit consists of
a) M.S. Fabricated stand
b) Hydraulic jack and
c) Handle


This stand is used to hold the hydraulic jack and support guide plate. The liner to be remove is placed at the bottom of the support .


A Hydraulic Jack is a device using Hydraulic Power in its simplest possible shape shown in figure and consists of five fundamental components.
1. pump
2. reservoir
3. cylinder
4. suction valve and
5. delivery valve


By using this device many numbers of cylinders bearings are removed.removing. It is very much useful in repairing automobile workshops and electrical motor and pump repair shop. Any other type or size of cylinder bush bearings can be removed by varying the dimensions of bottom flange relative to the dimension of the bearings to be removed. Thus it can be useful for the following types of bush bearings in

i) Generators coupled centrifugal pump
ii) Oil Engines and to other engines.


1. Single person is enough to operate this efficiently to remove bearings.
2. Easy and efficient handling of liner puller without wastage or damage
to the puller, machine block and to any other parts.
3. Increase the bearing life.
4. Least maintenance of the equipment.
5. Need not require any individual work place.
6. Can be worked in the work spot.
7. Suited for removing bearing in oil engine generators.


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