Design and Fabrication Of Multiple Wood Working Machine

Design and Fabrication Of Multiple Wood Working Machine


This paper discuss about the Design and Fabrication of Multi-Purpose Wood Working Machine. Wood working is anything that performing any operation on wood in any way for some useful work. This multipurpose wood working machine has ability to perform four operations such has Planing, Edge forming, Cutting, and Drilling on a single machine. All the four tools driven by single motor. The belt drives are used can be engaged and disengaged whenever necessary. In this competitive world people are very passionate for their home interior design.

In order to produce interior design models carpenter are using separate machines for conducting particular operations so which leads to more cost, material handling is more. In order to avoid these problems this concept is developed. Hence, using this is all about combining planing, drilling, forming and sawing machines in a single platform to reduce the investment cost and floor area and made work easy.

Problem Definition

It is required to design and build a mechanism so that all the operations (i.e., cutting, planing, drilling, and forming) can be carried out in a single machine.

  • Operating time must be low.
  • Minimization of machine cost.
Design and Fabrication Of Multiple Wood Working Machine
Design and Fabrication Of Multiple Wood Working Machine

Concept of mechanism

In the present scenario the power required for the operations i.e. (Cutting, Drilling, Forming, planning) are achieved by using V-Belts. The
power to the main shaft is supplied from Motor (3 phase).Each operation is equipped with different shaft which is driven by main shaft.

Pulleys are mounted on each shaft to drive the cutter. The size of the pulleys depends on the speed required for specific operations. Each pulley is provided with shear key so that it can be engaged during the operation and disengaged whenever not required. Also it plays important role in safety aspect for the various tools due to heavy load.
The speed and power required for all the operations processed on this machine are achieved by using the 3-phase motor. The motor is mounted at the base frame of the table. Main shaft is located at the center of the table and is supported between the bearings. There are four pulleys mounted on this shaft as shown in figure  Pulley ‘A’ is used to drive the forming and drilling shafts, there is a bevel gear arrangement is made to get forming and drilling operations separately from the same shaft. Pulley ‘B’ is used to drive the shaft on which planing tool is mounted. Pulley ‘C’ is used to drive cutting shaft. Drilling unit is located at the left side of the machine as shown in fig. ( ) and feed is given by lowering the lever.

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