Design and Fabrication of Multistage Stage Sand Separator and Filter

Design and Fabrication of Multistage Stage Sand Separator and Filter


In daily life sand is used for the construction, and manufacturing for building’s constructions. For this construction we needed more sand filtered and different sizes for different construction process like Column/Beam construction, Plaster, Flooring etc. The conventional sand separation methods required more time and labor, it increase the separation time and labor cost. It is very slow process hence decrease production rate hence Conventional method are not suitable for large production. That’s why we decide to design and fabricate the Multi stage sand separator and filter for a future used. Our designed machine is used for the three different sizes of sand. We used three different sizes of filter and three different compartment to get sand separately This machine works on single slider crank mechanism The AC motor coupled with pulley and V-belt mounted on it. The motor started then belt drive through power and motion transmitted to the next stepped pulley this is attached to the separator and this separator will vibrate and sand will goes down and remaining sand will goes to the next filter This filter will vibrate with first separator steeped pulley through belt drive in this separator the sand will separate and remaining will goes to the third filter it’s also get power from second separator and sand will get separated in three compartment and remaining big Stones, Coal, Wood etc will get outside of machine.


Multistage sand separator and filter is very efficient method for separating sand in three different sizes. Small size sand is use for plaster, medium size sand column and large size sand use making floor in building. In construction site or industry separating sand is very time consuming .save this time and complete all construction within given time period we can use multistage sand separator and filter. By using our prototype model we separate diff sizes of sand at a time and also in our model material handling is less compared to conventional method.


First we design the simple model drawing in which we used single phase AC Motor,4 stepped pulleys,3 V- belts, 3 different sizes of net, 6 Bearings, L-angle ,channel, Metal sheet and 3 circular disk etc.
First we fabricate frame in rectangular type, in this frame making three different compartments. After that we make three different filters using the different sizes of net, this filter fitted in each separator. Then we attached shaft to the bearing on two sides in all three separator in .this extended shaft on which disk is mounted. In corner of frame motor is mounted, in motor shaft stepped pulley is mounted in stepped pulley v-belt in mounted and this belt is attached to the separator stepped pulley. Arrangement of mechanical parts used to obtain a straight-line motion from a rotating shaft. Three separator gets vibrate in three different speed with help of stepped pulley and v-belt.


When power supply is given to the motor then machine is ON. At that time motor is start with 1440 rpm. With the help of a section belt speed is transfer. After that speed is transfer from motor to gear box high speed of motor is overcome with help of gear box. Gear box speed is transfer to 1st pulley, and disk is mounted on pulley shaft. One end of connecting rod is connected to disk eccentrically and other end is connected to frame with help of this rotary motion is converted into reciprocating motion.1st pulley transfer its speed to 2nd pulley with help of A-section V belt because of that 2nd frame reciprocate.3rd pulley received speed from 2nd pulley with help of V belt. And 3rd frame get reciprocation.

Design and Fabrication of Multistage Stage Sand Separator and Filter
Design and Fabrication of Multistage Stage Sand Separator and Filter


A. Fabrication of Frame
First we brought L angle having approximate weight 20 kg and having 40×40×4 mm thick it’s used foe fabrication of frame. Then Cutting angle length as per drawing with the help of Power saw machine, then cutting into no of pieces as per drawing. Filling operation can be perform on cutting side and bring it in perpendicular C.S. after that Weld the angle to the required size as per the drawing then finally Weld the angle to the required size as per the drawing.

B. Fabrication of Shaft
For shaft we select C30 then Cutting as per drawing by using power saw machine. Facing both side on lathe machine after that Turning as per size and finally Filling on both end.


We used our design machine against the conventional method for sand separation time and separation rate.
In conventional method we get only one size of sand according to design of the conventional separator, and material handling is more as well as more manpower is needed, and more time is required for separation of sand.
In our machine we design three separator for getting three sizes in 1st separator up to 2mm, 2nd separator 2mm to 4mm, and 3rd separator 4mm to 8mm sizes and remaining will get outside of the machine. In this machine we get three sizes of sand. Sand handling is minimum and less time consumes and separation rate is more than the conventional method.

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