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What is Sieving Machine :

Sieving is a simple technique for separating particles of different sizes. A sieve such as used for sifting flour has very small holes. Coarse particles are separated or broken up by grinding against one-another and screen openings. Depending upon the types of particles to be separated, sieves with different types of holes are used. Sieves are also used to separate stones from sand. Sieving plays an important role in food industries where sieves (often vibrating) are used to prevent the contamination of the product by foreign bodies. The design of the industrial sieve is here of primary importance.

Sand Sieving machine :

This machine consist of :

  • Electric Motor
  • Worm gear and worm shaft
  • main shaft
  • bearing
  • bearing block
  • pulley and V belt
  • frame
  • steel Mesh sheet
  • tray
  • electric motor mount


Working of Sand Sieving machine :

Motor shaft is connected with worm gear drive. worm gear drive is high speed reduction gear drive ,speed is reduced here. With help of pulleys power is transmitted from worm gear shaft to main shaft. On main shaft rotary mesh sheet is rounded using L section and nut – Bolt .

This round roller is fixed with help of bearing and bearing block. as soon as motor start to rotate ,it will rotate main shaft with round mesh sheet . Rough sand is thrown from the one end of roller and fine sand will moves to downward direction . Stone and trash  are collected from other end .

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