Design and Fabrication Of Sand Collecting and Sand Slinger Vehicle

Design and Fabrication Of Sand Collecting and Sand Slinger Vehicle – Mechanical Project 

Clean sand separation process from the raw sand is one of the important and labor consuming operation in construction fields. It requires huge manpower for collecting and transferring the raw sand from one to another and also including separation process. In our project we have decided to design and fabricate the sand collecting and slinger vehicle using conveyor system, which reduces the man power for performing the above mentioned sand collection and separation task. The conveyor consists of bucket which carries the sand which is in raw state and get transferred to the slinger table which is oscillated with DC motor, due to this pure sand gets separated the separated sand gets collected in separate tray arrangement from there it gets used for use full applications. The coarse sand gets collected at the top portion of the slinger table and the separate arrangement for collection of this waste sand is also provided. With the help of this system many of the separate works carried by lots of worker is reduced and the system is simple to operate and one of the efficient model.

Concrete is the most widely used versatile building material all over the world. Concrete technology has made significant advances in recent years which results in economic improvement of the strength of concrete. This economic development depends up on the intelligent use of the locally available materials. One of the important constituent of conventional concrete is natural sand, which is expensive and scarce. Conventionally concrete is a mix of cement, sand and aggregate. There is a large variation in the strength of concrete due to variation in the strength of aggregates used. There is scarcity of natural sand due to heavy demand in growing construction activities which forces to find the suitable substitute. The cheapest and the easiest way of getting substitute for natural sand is by crushing natural stone to get artificial sand of desired size and grade which would be free from all impurities. “Screening is the process of removing comparatively larger sand particles and other unnecessary impurities present in the sand which is excavated from the river banks”. Screening is the most important process in the screening process. Gravels and pebbles are separated from the required of sand. Due to screening of sand, we can give good strength to the concrete and improve quality of sand. Screening is used for getting good result and obtaining following sand specifications.


Design and Fabrication Of Sand Collecting and Sand Slinger Vehicle - Mechanical Project 
Design and Fabrication Of Sand Collecting and Sand Slinger Vehicle – Mechanical Project

In this arrangement conveyor system plays an important role, the sand collecting buckets are fixed to the belt of the conveyor the position of the conveyor is adjusted by means of lead screw arrangement for collecting the sand at the deeper portions. There is an arrangement for the slinger table which collects the collected sand from the conveyor and the table gets vibrated in order to separate pure sand from raw sand. There is a separate arrangement for collecting the pure sand and impure sand. When the motor is turned on then the conveyor starts to rotate by adjusting the position of the conveyor setup it collects the sand and transfers it to the vibrating tray there it gets separated and the pure form of sand is collected in sand collecting tray.


  • Construction is simple.
  • Maintenance is easy.
  • Labor cost requirement is less.
  • Efficiency is higher than manual process.
  • Sand with fewer impurities is obtained.
  • Strength of the concrete improves.


  • We can use this machine where labor resources are not sufficient.
  • It is used where space area is less.

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