Design And Fabrication Of Off Road Racing Vehicle project report

Design And Fabrication Of Off Road Racing Vehicle project report


An off-road vehicle is considered to be any type of vehicle capable of driving on and off paved or gravel surfaces. It is generally characterized by having large tires with deep, open treads, and flexible suspension. Off-road vehicles have enthusiastic followers because of their many purposes and un-matched versatility. Several types of motorsports involve racing various models of off-road vehicles. With the growing Indian economy, there is emerging population of rich and wealthy people hungry for recreational activities and growing devoted fans of motorsports.

2. Problem Statement
Current off-road vehicles in the market offer performance and entertainment to the Indian customers interested in the motorsport; however, they do not offer minimum safety features in order to prevent the drivers from harm, due to common tipping and collision accidents.


  • To complete the design, to specifications, of the vehicle in one week and with a $100USD budget.
  • To complete the procurement and fabrication of the vehicle in two months and with a $4,900USD budget.
  • To design and configure the vehicle with a roll cage structure that includes an ergonomic seat and harness arrangement, which will limit the exposure of the driver to injuries.
  • To design a vehicle that will accommodate the main systems: engine, transmission, suspension, braking, electric, etc., while providing stability and rollover resistance.
  • To provide a comfortable ride through the design of suspension and breaking systems, capable of matching performance to those recreational vehicles in the Indian market.
  • To select the vehicle engine and transmission systems, capable of delivering enough power and torque to drive at a range of 55 to 70 mph, climb hills, and effectively run through muddy roads.
  • To provide the following off-road vehicle characteristics: practicality, fun-to-drive, versatility, and durability.
  • To ensure quality through extensive testing of procured parts, in-house assemblies, and actual vehicle operation.

Proposed Approach
Considering the Indian market and the demand for the safer recreational vehicles, the company has decided to launch a comfortable, safe to drive, single-seated off-road vehicle. One of the main focuses for the fabrication of the proposed off-road vehicle is to have a sturdy, balanced roll cage and a reliable suspension; therefore, the team has focused mainly on the design of the roll cage and suspension. The other subsystems are procured according to the requirements and modified keeping different constraints in mind. There are mainly two deliverables for this project: design and fabrication. The following work break down structure shows the two main deliverables, along with two levels of sub-deliverables. The last level of sub-deliverables contains the proposed work packages. These are not shown in the figure, however, further discussed in the schedule.


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