The intention of this mechanical engineering project is to fabricate a scrap collecting robot. Since complete automation is very complex and even research facilities haven’t come up with one, you better design one that is operated via a remote control which is either wireless or not.
This is a working project and as usual requires the help of electronics students for the control systems. This robot is 4 wheeled with an arm to collect scrap materials. It also can move over small obstacles with the support of the arm.
Though this project may sometimes look simple, it requires much effort to actually make one working model. A detailed video of one such scrap collecting robot is given below.



Project is very interesting. We are using Tsop1738 as a IR – infrared receiver. We using relay coil to collect scrap. Coil need  5 to 12v DC. Better voltage- better collecting power. Robot help us to collect scrap from every corner and from everywhere.

In this project we will control robot with infrared sensor remote. We will control different functions of moving robot. As we know the value of robotics it can be used in biomedical industry, domestic, food, leather, autoparts etc. In this project we will make remote which will have functions to control robot like forward, backward, right and left. There will be six functions.

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