Project | Abstract Of Automatic Gear Changer

The main purpose of this project is used to automate the gear changing mechanism in vehicles. In this project we are doing the gear changing mechanism using with the help of electronic D.C gun. This is very useful for the gear changing mechanism in automobile vehicles.  
In this project we are fixed the two dc gun in either side of the vehicle pedal for the gear direction movement. The dc gun is fixed on the end of the flat plate. The plate has pivot at the center. The guns are operated by the help of electric supply and it’s controlled by the control unit. The control unit is nothing but the microcontroller is a small chip, its already programmed and feed in the chip for working of our project. The gun working is one for the increase the gear speed and another one is to decrease the gear speed. For the forward motions DC gun one is operated and for the reverse motion DC gun two is operated.
Design of Automatic Gear Changer
Fig, Design of Automatic Gear Changer
  • Automatic method
  • System is helpful for the drivers
  • Avoids fear while driving the vehicle
  • Quick response is achieved
  • Simple in construction
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Cost of the unit is less
  • Continuous operation is possible without stopping
  • It is applicable in all types of two wheeler vehicles 
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