Project On Automatic Pneumatic Bumber Mechanical Project

Project On Automatic Pneumatic Bumber Mechanical Project 


          The technology of pneumatic has gained tremendous importance in the field of workplace rationalization and automation from old-fashioned timber works and coal mines to modern machine shops and space robots. It is therefore important that technicians and engineers should have a good knowledge of pneumatic system, air operated valves and accessories. 
The aim is to design and develop a control system based an intelligent electronically controlled automotive bumper activation system is called “AUTOMATIC PNEUMATIC BUMPER”. This system is consists of IR transmitter and Receiver circuit, Control Unit, Pneumatic bumper system. The IR sensor is used to detect the obstacle. There is any obstacle closer to the vehicle (with in 4 feet), the control signal is given to the bumper activation system. 
The pneumatic bumper system is used to product the man and vehicle. This bumper activation system is only activated the vehicle speed above 40-50 km per hour. This vehicle speed is sensed by the proximity sensor and this signal is given to the control unit and pneumatic bumper activation system.

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                    We have pleasure in introducing our new project “AUTOMATIC PNEUMATIC BUMPER”, which is fully equipped by IR sensors circuit and Pneumatic bumper activation circuit. It is a genuine project which is fully equipped and designed for Automobile vehicles. This forms an integral part of best quality. This product underwent strenuous test in our Automobile vehicles and it is good.
 Automatic Pneumatic Bumber
Automatic Pneumatic Bumber


Automation can be achieved through computers, hydraulics, pneumatic, robotics, etc., of these sources, pneumatic form an attractive medium for low cost automation. The main advantages of all pneumatic systems are economy and simplicity. Automation plays an important role in mass production.
     For mass production of the product, the machining operations decide the sequence of machining. The machines designed for producing a particular product are called transfer machines. The components must be moved automatically from the bins to various machines sequentially and the final component can be placed separately for packaging. Materials can also be repeatedly transferred from the moving conveyors to the work place and vice versa.
Nowadays almost all the manufacturing process is being atomized in order to deliver the products at a faster rate.  The manufacturing operation is being atomized for the following reasons.
  • To achieve mass production
  • To reduce man power
  • To increase the efficiency of the plant
  • To reduce the work load
  • To reduce the production cost
  • To reduce the production time 
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Air brakes are widely used in heavy vehicle like buses and trucks which require a heavier braking effort that can be applied by the driver’s foot.  Air brakes are applied by the pressure of compressed air, instead of foot pressure, acting against flexible diaphragms in brake chamber.  The diaphragms are connected to the wheel brakes.  These diaphragms are controlled through a hand or foot operated valve.  The brake valve controls brake operation by directing the flow of air from a reservoir against diaphragms in the brake chamber when the brakes are applied and from brake chambers to tube atmosphere when the brakes are released.  The air compressor, driven by the engine furnishes compressed air to the reservoir fall below a set valve.



A sensor is a transducer used to make a measurement of a physical variable.  Any sensor requires calibration in order to be useful as a measuring device.  Calibration is the procedure by which the relationship between the measured variable and the converted output signal is established.
Care should be taken in the choice of sensory devices for particular tasks.  The operating characteristics of each device should be closely matched to the task for which it is being utilized.  Different sensors can be used in different ways to sense same conditions and the same sensors can be used in different ways to sense different conditions.

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