Design and Fabrication Of Paddy Cleaner – Mechanical Project

Design and Fabrication Of Paddy Cleaner – Mechanical Project


Agriculture is the largest single industry in the world, and seed production is an important segment of this industry. Seed, as it comes from the field, contains various contaminants like weed seeds, other crop seeds, and such inert material as stems, leaves, broken seed, and dirt. These contaminants must be removed, and the clean seed properly handled and stored to provide a high quality planting seed that will increase farm production and supply uniform raw material for industry. The procedures used to meet present quality standards result in a loss of up to 50 percent of the good seed even though many special machines and techniques are used for seed cleaning and handling .
Portable Paddy Cleaning Machine is designed to remove foreign materials and impurities such as sand particles, stones, paddy straws and foreign seeds from paddy. This machine provides farmers an alternative replacement of current conventional method should the farmers want to extract the paddy seed in small scale amount . Currently, they only use a traditional winnow technique as to obtain the seeds to be used next season or before processing paddies to become rice.The performance of this machine is very efficient where the percentage of clean paddy is observed to be at 95%. It helps farmers improvise their traditional method, reduces purchasing cost of paddy seed and utilizes the cleaning process at low cost and less maintenance .
Generally, the hand threshing and the traditional handling used in most developing countries case a larger percentage of foreign matter with the paddy. Thus, more cleaning is required.At this point a rice mill cleaner removes any remaining foreign material that could damage the milling machinery and eliminates foreign material from the milled rice . 


The paddy cleaning machines currently available in the market/industries are bulky. The existing ones are designed for a higher capacity which makes them more expensive. Thus, it is not suitable to purchase the existing paddy cleaning machine to perform simple cleaning operation. Moreover, these machines are heavy and take up a lot of space. In addition, the current paddy cleaning machines are not portable. In order to overcome the problems associated with the current paddy cleaning machine there is a need which is inexpensive, compact, portable and versatile. Our proposed paddy cleaning machine is capable of removing dust, sticks, stones, and other impurities.

The paddy is cleaned to:
1. Reduce requirements for drying cost.
2. Remove materials that could cause paddy deterioration during shortage.
3. Remove materials that could damage the conveying and milling machinery.
4. Remove materials that cause a reduction in the grade.
5. Reduce storage requirements.

Design and Fabrication Of Paddy Cleaner - Mechanical Project
Design and Fabrication Of Paddy Cleaner – Mechanical Project

Results and conclusions:

Manual harvest is also a slow and painstaking process. Unless you have a lot of money, so that you can afford to hire a really big army of paddy cleaners. Cleaningis a very poorly paid job generally made by temporary labor. They should also be trained to do the job faster and identify quickly. Today it can also be quite difficult to find enough harvest workers. And with manual cleaning you may also have the issue with harvest workers simply not showing up when you need them and other employee issues. The technology used in the machines that do mechanical cleaning has come a long way since it was first introduced some decades ago. Today’s cleaners can be very sophisticated and gentle. In the longer run, picking by machine mostly turns out cheaper than manual cleaning releasing funds for other quality improvements in the cellar. A mechanical cleaner is much faster than manual cleaners. Some say one machine does the same work as 20 harvest workers. A mechanical cleaner is typically done in a much shorter time span than a manual cleaner. If, for example, bad weather is looming then the machine cleaner can quickly harvest the paddy, before the storm, something that might take workers days to do. The cleaner can also be sent out in the middle of the night to harvest. This can be a great advantage in hotter climates. Modern harvesting machines can also be equipped with on-board sorting units further enhancing the quality of the paddy material.


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