Design and Fabrication of Onion Seed Sowing Machine-Mechanical Project

Design and Fabrication of Onion Seed Sowing Machine

Today’s era is marching towards the rapid growth of agricultural as well as industrial sector. To achieve the goal of the future food demands, the farmers have to implement the new techniques which will increase the overall crop production rate. This Paper deals with the various sowing methods used for onion seed sowing in India for seed and fertilizer placement. The comparison between the traditional sowing method and the new proposed machine which can perform a number of simultaneous operations and has number of advantages. The main focus behind this machine is to reduce the human effort as well as problem of availability of labor & there cost of work. Generally this machine reduces the cost of labor, efforts and total and fertilizer placement. The seed sewing machine is a key component of agriculture field. The performance of seed sowing device has a remarkable influence on the cost and yield of agriculture products. Presently there are many approaches to detect the Performance of seed-sowing device. The depth of seed sowing is affect the crop yield therefore to adjust the depth of seed sowing & head to head distance between two seed a seed metering device is the heart of seed sowing machine between seed varieties. High Precision planters have been developed for many varieties of crops, for a wide Range of seed sizes, resulting to uniform seeds distribution along the travel path, in seed Spacing. This technique result in improvement in yield: by proper operation in the field we are increase the productivity of seed through 5% to 10%.Plant to plant distance: We are maintaining the plant to plant distance by providing a 12 number of cells on rotor. Saving labor cost: The transplantation of onion require lot of labor as well as charge is more so we are by using this machine able to reduce the labor cost.



By eliminating limitation of component of conventional seed sowing machine we design new component and provide special arrangement for sowing of small seed such as onion seed. There are eleven functional components of seed sowing machine.
  • Sara Machine
  • Ground Wheel
  • Furrow Opener
  • Sweep
  • Seed Rotor Shaft
  • Ground Wheel Shaft And Intermediate Shaft
  • Chain And Sprocket Arrangement
  • Seed Tube
  • Seed Covering Unit
  • Seed Box
  • Seed Rotor
The main frame consist of hitch unit which is use to connect a machine to tractor. Hitch unit consist of three point linkage hitch attachment. It consists of MS strips of 50×5 mm in size. Upper end of hitch is 55 apart from each other and form attachment for top link of tractor. The lower end is welded 320 mm apart on main frame. Two supporting MS flats are attached at the upper end to give the support and welded at rear end of main frame. Two 370 mm MS flat 50×5 mm are welded below main frame to from a support for the lower linkage attachment.


When the implement attaché to the tractor and operated in the field. A tractor is drawn in forward direction ridges are formed on either side of Sara machine at spacing of 6 feet. The space between two ridges is can be made perfectly horizontal by adjusting top link of hitch unit attached to the tractor.

When tractor moves in forward direction the ground wheel in contact with the soil rotate. The lugs provided on the outer periphery of ground wheel provide a better gripping to the ground wheel due to which ground wheel rotate according to the grip provided. The ground rotation of ground wheel shaft is also rotate along with sprocket rotate. The rotary motion of the ground wheel is transmitted to the intermediate shaft by using a chain mechanism. The intermediate shaft is provided to reduce the vibration and fluctuation. The power or motion from the intermediate shaft is transmitted to the sprocket mounted on the seed rotor shaft. When sprocket on the seed rotor shaft is rotate along with shaft also rotate. The seed box shaft rotate with the help of chain sprocket arrangement along with rotates the vertical rotors with cells on the periphery fitted inside the seed box and bottom of the seed hopper as shown in figure

Design and Fabrication of Onion Seed Sowing Machine
Design and Fabrication of Onion Seed Sowing Machine


1) Seed saving in sowing is possible so that the seeds are not wasted: with the use of this machine a farmer can save costly seeds as well as seed remain in seed box is easy to drawn so that seed farmer can utilize in future.
2) Effect of weather: our seed box is not affected by weather because we are use a water resistant PVC material and so it is anti-corrosive.
3) Saves time: It is automatically onion seed sowing machine so it will reduce the broadcasting, transplantation time.
4) Less maintenance: If this machine is used properly then no need of maintenance and if there is no need for replacement of parts except in case any accidental problem in the field.
5) Improvement in yield: by proper operation in the field we are increase the productivity of seed through 5% to 10%.
6) Plant to plant distance: We are maintaining the plant to plant distance by providing a 12 number of cells on rotor.



1) Cultivation: The quality of the farm is required good so maximum cultivation process required example-plough, Rota etc.
2) Seed box: The onion seed is light in weight as well as delicate so construction of seed box is complicated.

References and Download Report:

Design and Fabrication of Onion Seed Sowing Machine Report Download Pdf in a new tab.

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