The most spark plugs don’t need to be replaced; they are simply less efficient because of the carbon content spreader over the spark plug. The electrode is present in the center of the spark plug.  In the spark plug always we need to maintain the gap between the electrode and the spark pin. While on engine running the high voltage current will be passing through the spark plug to generate the spark inside the engine to burn the air fuel mixture inside the engine cylinder. Due to this process the carbon content are spreaded over the spark plug. By running the vehicle with out cleaning the spark plugs causes many damages to the vehicle. For eg, mileage drop, produce sound, damage the cylinder due to uneven sequencing of spark produced inside the cylinder. After removing the carbon content in the spark plug we can reuse the spark plug. It will give more efficiency as compare to old one. Automobile workshops the spark plug cleaning and exact testing consumes more time by using the manual testing, so make simplification setup in testing and cleaning, we are going to design and fabricate a single setup to save the time.
Dry Sand Abrasion Tester Application This tester used to determine the wear resistance of materials to scratching abrasion under specified condition using dry sand/alumina quarts/silicon carbide as abrasive Feature Conforms to manually controlled preset revolution counter for particular time.


In our project we are going to design cleaning setup in this setup we suit forced customer cleaning process so we given to set sand boxing system in safe manner, Dry Sand Abrasion Tester Application This tester used to determine the wear resistance of materials to scratching abrasion under specified condition. Here we are using sand as a abrasive particle. When we forced the abrasive particles on the spark plug carbon tip the abrasive will remove the carbon particles which are present in the spark plug. Here we also have an another setup of testing equipment which consists of a step down transformer, a rectifier and a capacitor and a mosfet drive to produce the spark.

Automobile workshops  spark plug cleaning exact testing is consumes some repairing time, so make simplification setup testing and cleaning ,we are going to design and fabrication a single setup for saving time. We expecting good function performance form the cleaning and testing the spark plug machine. This setting can be incorporate in commercial automobile sectors. This is a brand new pneumatic spark plug cleaner this little device bolts to your workbench and attachment to your air compressor. It used the compressor air with an ultra fine media to remove carbon deposits from your bad spark plug without any damage to the ceramic, the electrode, or the threads. Thus will allow you to reuse your plugs and save tons of money.  
  1. It is easy to operate 
  2. No need special skill to operate 
  3. Low cost 


  • It is difficult to find out whether it is cleaned or not.


  • It is applicable in automobile workshops and making industries.

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