Advanced Rubber Tree Tapping Machine Report Download

Advanced Rubber Tree Tapping Machine Report Download 


The objective of this paper is to obtain, inducing of mechanism of the farm is very crucial for the better agricultural output. Since Green revolution India is trying to modernize its agricultural outfits but had failed many times .As engineer it our primary duty to serve our country and help it in its up liftment.
In this project, mechanization of rubber tapping is done as it is rigorous and very difficult job. Our project can be used for extracting rubber latex from large number of trees with great ease. It would help in reduction of labor and would help in self-reliability of plantation owners for tapping. It is a machine which as a slider attached with a rotating tool to cut the cambium layer of rubber tree.
The slider is guided around the tree with help of the guide way. It would help labour to get away from back pain and other physical problems. It consists of a cordless drilling machine with a modified tool which can be simply operated with hand and with aid of a guide ways.


In India there is a demand for rubber as it is used for manufacturing products like Tyres, Tubes etc. The rubber is harvested from latex of rubber trees by undergoing may process. It is then vulcanized with sulphur to obtain vulcanized rubber which is used in tyre manufacturing industry. By a process called “rubber tapping” we obtain rubber latex from tree. Here a helical cut is made in the tree, approximately four feet from the ground and circling about half the tree. Every day workers scrapes away the caked latex and a thin layer of bark in the early morning. The latex flows down the spiral into a cup for 2 hours before the sap hardens and closes the cut in the tree.
Currently the main problem facing the rubber industry is depreciation of the price of rubber and also lack of skilled workers. For tapping rubber trees care must be taken to avoid damaging the tree during tapping. Workers are trained for six months before learning the proper technique and improper tapping can kill many valuable trees. The process of tapping rubber is also a physically taxing job. To Improving this process would save cost of labour required for tapping. To improve this process we developed a new rubber tapping tool. A more economic design reduces worker fatigue. Through all of this the design is kept simple to keep reliability high and cost low.



  • It the part which supports the rubber tapping machine.
  • It acts as the skeleton of the machine.
  • It helps in weight distribution of parts.


  • It helps in providing necessary friction for holding machine on tree.
  • It also prevents from damage the tree.


  • It helps in holding and clamping the machine on tree.
  • It is similar to the nut and bolt mechanism.
Advanced Rubber Tree Tapping Machine Report Download
Advanced Rubber Tree Tapping Machine Report Download


It is a machine designed to obtain latex from the cambium layer of rubber tree. The main process happening here is that the tool is guided along the bark of tree with help of guide way. The tool is fitted on the slider. The slider is rested upon the guide way. The guide way plays a crucial role in the machine.


The machine has a screw clamping mechanism for clamping the machine on the tree. After clamping, the rubber bush prevents damage to the bark of the tree. Then the slider is guided by the guide way to the spot where the tapping activity is to be carried. The depth of cut on the bark can be control by the hands. The cutting tool rotates in circular motion leads to the tapping or cutting of bark. The tool is given a force of 5 N/mm.


  • It can be used by common man.
  • In rubber plantations there will be various diameters of trees, in that case these machine will be useful.
  • The latex will be obtained very quickly and easily.
  • Less effort is required.
  • To avoid the damage of tree, rubber bushes are placed on the frame
J V C Maliackal, Asif K A, Sajith P A, Sajo K Joseph, Yazir

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