Pedal Operated Electricity Generator Report Download – Mechanical projects

Pedal Operated Electricity Generator Report Download – Mechanical projects


Energy conservation is a topical issue and this design proffered an efficient method of doing so. The design was originally conceived to meet the energy needs of those living in rural areas, due to poor access to electricity and also as a model for gym centers and cycle workout studios. Most persons living in these rural areas possess at least a cell phone but lack the means to charge them. This study focused on the design and fabrication of a pedal operated power generator, for the intents of burning fats while yet generating electricity. The power generator was designed to be simple, cheap, durable and easily maintained. It was fabricated using locally sourced materials and is intended to encourage local ingenuity and empower aspiring entrepreneurs especially in developing countries. Its purpose is to efficiently transfer human foot motion less than 60 rpm via a treadle and sprocket-chain step-up to drive a 12V DC permanent magnet generator. The inverter converts the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) which is needed to charge low voltage devices like mobile phones, laptops etc.


In today’s world when the advancement in technology is at its peak and the impact of these technology over the human health is also point of concern. As the technology is advancing the physical activities are getting reduced. This in turn is not a good sign. In Indian urban areas people use bicycle very rarely and also they had become slave to their electronic gadgets. They are spoiling their health over them. But if they use the portable cycle mob charger it would encourage them to do more physical exercises through cycling. During cycling they can enjoy their gadgets such as phone, tablets, GPS etc. In rural areas due to unscheduled power cutoff people don’t have any mode of Communication so in that case this portable cycle mob charger is the solution. Now, Why pedaling for electricity. The cost of one KWh as your electricity company sells is Rs 5 in my place and earning this through pedal power would take me 5 hours. Not much of an incentive to think about pedal generators. Still the need for pedal power generation seems to exist, as frequent e-mail requests tell me. Ill, pedal power can be made available anywhere, it requires no fuel, is available both day and night, the equipment is inexpensive and needs almost no maintenance.

Addresses three key use cases:

1. Charging batteries for small, portable devices while traveling on a bicycle

2. Generating as much electrical Power as possible on a stationary pedal generator

3. Powering up Electronic devices using the concept of cycle dynamo on stationary mode.

bicycle electricity generator
bicycle electricity generator


Principle of Dynamo An electrical generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy, generally using electromagnetic induction. The source of mechanical energy may be a reciprocating or turbine steam engine, water falling through a turbine or waterwheel, an internal combustion engine, a wind turbine, a hand crank, or any other source of mechanical energy. The Dynamo was the first electrical generator capable of delivering power for industry. The dynamo uses electromagnetic principles to convert mechanical rotation into an alternating electric current. A dynamo machine consists of a stationary structure which generates a strong magnetic field, and a set of rotating windings which turn within that field. On small machines the magnetic field may be provided by a permanent magnet; larger machines have the magnetic field created by electromagnets. The energy conversion in generator is based on the principle of the production of dynamically induced emf. Whenever a conductor cuts magnetic flux, dynamically induced emf is produced in it according to Faraday’s Laws of Electromagnetic induction. This emf causes a current to flow if the conductor circuit is closed. Hence, two basic essential parts of an electrical generator are (i) a magnetic field and (ii) a conductor or conductors which can so move as to cut the flux.


Portable- it is a portable device which is easily detachable and attachable.
1. No operating cost- it requires only mechanical work so free of any operating cost.
2. Economical- it is free source of electricity, though it require some mechanical work which can be done in any leisure time so it is economical
3. Health improving- Cycling makes one to be fit and healthy.
4. Eco-friendly- Doesn’t emit any kind of harmful substances so it is eco friendly.
5. Robust and simple circuit- This circuit requires only five components which are small in size and robust. This makes it simple in design.
6. Very low maintenance-No need of maintenance as devices are very cheap.
7. Better performance on Li-ion battery: In today’s time the most of the phones use Li-ion battery in their phones so this is necessary for us to give better performance in those but still it’s a disadvantage that it doesn’t give optimal performance on other batteries.
8. Frictional losses: The frictional losses occur because of friction between motor wheel & cycle wheel.
9. High speed disadvantage


In conclusion, this project was designed to serve as a model/prototype to meet specific need in our locality. The device can also serve as an alternative power source in extreme case scenario even in urban centers. Since the device is manually operated, it can be used in areas where there is no power supply and would always be readily available.
The device is environmentally friendly as it produces no waste in the process of its operation, and the device work with little or no noise. The system proved efficient since even with a minimum pedaling speed, the system produced enough voltage required to charge the battery in order for the system to be usable b y almost anybody at an time.


Pedal Operated Electricity Generator Report Download – Mechanical projects

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