Bicycle Water Purifier Mechanical Projects report Download

Bicycle Water Purifier Mechanical Projects report Download


Water is the most basic necessity for life yet nearly one billion people in the world lack access to it. In many developing countries, people walk many miles to reach a source of water that is not necessarily potable. Not only is distance and potability an issue, but the average water collecting container in Africa, the jerry can, weighs over 40 pounds when full. This project proposes to take on challenges associated with the accesibility and cleanliness of water in developing countries by designing and building a filtration system and sidecar that are portable, durable, and cost-effective.
A centrifugal pump will be used to pull unsafe water out of one holding tank, pass through a filtration system, and onward into a clean tank while the rider pedals the bicycle. Both the holding tanks and the filtration system will be incorporated into the design of the sidecar as to provide an entire system that is portable and can be easily retrofitted to most standard bicycles.
Given that our design must target a demographic that includes some of the poorest regions in the world, reliability is one of the primary factors incorporated into the design. The functionality of the pump and filter system needs to require as little maintenance as possible. The design must also be user-friendly as the assumption will be made that users will have no experience with any vehicle of this type. Once the design is optimized, materials within the build will be considered to find the most cost-effective method of manufacturing.


Problem Statement

Developing countries around the world face debilitating challenges accessing safe and clean drinking water. Alarming statistics led us to the idea that that we could use a simple mechanism of transportation that is common in these areas, such as the bicycle, to help aid their water and sanitation struggles. Our goal is to design a bicycle attachment to purify and transport water from contaminated sources that is active while the rider is pedaling. This attachment, though not a permanent solution, would be a contribution to the improvement of their quality of life.


1. Centrifugal pump
2. Sprocket
3. Bicycle
4. Power transmitting unit (Chain drive from rear wheel hub to pump shaft)
5. Inlet and outlet tubes of the centrifugal pump
6. Bucket of water
7. Filter

water purifier mechanical project report download
water purifier mechanical project report download


The wheel of the bicycle is rotated with the help of chain driver and driven rim of the bicycle. The belt drive of the centrifugal pump is connected to the rim of the bicycle, it also rotates when the rim of the bicycle is rotated with the help of the rotation system. The shaft of the centrifugal pump rpm is depends upon human effort. With the rotation of the great speed the vacuum is created in the centrifugal pump and this vacuum in this centrifugal pump suck the water from the water tank and it passes through the filter clean water discharge through outlet with some amount of pressure.


• Operated by pedal power and therefore can be used in areas where electricity is irregular or insufficient.
• Simplistic in design, operations and handling.


After completing the project, conclude that our project is simple in construction and compact in size for use. Manufacturing of machine is easy and cost of the machine is less.


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