Air Cooler cum Water Chiller report Download – Mechanical Projects

Air Cooler cum Water Chiller report Download – Mechanical Projects


“AIR COOLER CUM WATER CHILLER” as the name suggest that it is the modification of the conventional cooler. It is the Air Conditioner cum refrigerator for people who cannot afford costly equipment like air conditioner, refrigerator and other such appliances. It cools the air more than the conventional Air Cooler.
The Air cooler cum water chiller is developed for providing better cooling effect than conventional air cooler. It also provides cold water for drinking purpose comparatively at low cost than Refrigerator. It also decreased moisture content of the air coming through desert cooler upto some extent.


In India during summer season the average temperature is around 450 C. To maintain comfortable conditions in summer season various appliances like Air Conditioners, coolers and fans are used. The cost of such appliances is quite high which is beyond reach of common man.
Also during summer season everyone needs cool air and cold water for drinking purpose. So to be comfortable in this season we need cold water and cool air. To fulfill these requirements we need to purchase two different appliances one for cooling air and other appliance for cooling water. Also space required for installation of this appliances is more.

Innovation and Modification is the nature of engineering. Hence we have introduced “AIR COOLER CUM WATER CHILLER”. Main purpose of our project is to provide both of these facilities that is cool air and cold water in single unit and to provide this unit at affordable cost for common man. Due to the single unit the space required for installation is also less. This unit can be used in homes, offices, banks, auditorium halls, etc.


In big cities like Pune, Aurangabad, Nagpur and other such cities space availability is big problem. In summer season there is need of cool air and cold water. Hence we require two separate units that is air cooler and water chiller or refrigerator. Hence space requirement is more
and also the cost is higher.
Hence we have to develop a unit which fulfills both the purpose and possess less space for Installation with affordable rate. Also there is scope for developing this unit for industrial applications.


In order to design the model which will cool both air and water, heat exchangers theory should be understood. In order to modify existing desert cooler heat exchanger analysis should be done.

More surface area will give good results of cooling but size of whole unit will increase. So to make it compact certain arrangements are done which are:

  • Arranging high conductivity concentric vessels.
  • As this arrangement is outside the air cooler, it will require more floor space.
  • Dipping Coil in the lower tank of cooler.
  • The coil of metal having high thermal conductivity is dipped in lower tank of the cooler, so there will not be any extra floor space required.


It consists of,
1. Drinking Water Storage tank.
2. Copper Coil
3. Battery
4. Connecting pipes.

1. Drinking Water Storage tank :

It is two liter LDPE tank with pump. (It is used in the automobiles for storing wiping water.)

storage tank
storage tank


1) Space required for installation is less.
2) Cost of unit is less and hence economical.
3) Less maintenance requirements.
4) Effective cooling can be achieved.


Air cooler works on principle of relative humidity but in cities like Mumbai humidity is high so air cooler don’t give expected results of cooling.


Air Cooler cum Water Chiller report PDF Download – Mechanical Projects

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