Design and Fabrication of Electric Scooter report Download

Design and Fabrication of Electric Scooter report Download


In today’s world, the infrastructure of College and Industries are becoming large so if one has to travel or visit from one place to another he has to walk a long distance and sometimes it becomes very hasty and inconvenient. Sometimes after too many travelling on campus, it causes strain and pain in the body. So to travel these distances two-wheeled or three-wheeled electric scooter like Segway PT, Irrway were introduced. But, these scooters are very costly such as they start from ₹ 50,000. Another problem with that vehicle is that they are difficult to handle when we drive the first time. So in alternate to this product, we developed whole newly designed product and this is Reliable, Eco-friendly, a Compact vehicle for the campus. Its utilities are college campus, Airports, Industries, Recreational Parks, Sanctuaries, Museums, Palaces, Villas etc. So our project is on design and fabrication of three-wheel vehicle and also its multipurpose utility among the society.
The concept of the model taken from children’s scooter bicycle. The complete body looks like a scooter bicycle in which platform is provided for standing and driving the powered scooter. This product is a battery powered and motor-driven vehicle. The scooter is intended to use in indoors areas as well as in outdoor areas, due to the absence of any type of pollution causing drive mechanism such as petrol engines.


An electric scooter is a battery-operated one-person capacity vehicle which is specially designed for people with low mobility. It is generally used by those who have difficulty in walking for long periods of time. Scooters are available in three common designs, those intended for indoor use, those for outdoor use, and those that are used for both.
An electric scooter may have three wheels or four. Since it runs on battery power, it does not create pollution. A typical electric scooter requires a pair of batteries, but the batteries are rechargeable. The length of time an electric scooter can run on each charge depends significantly on its battery’s type, rating and capacity. The most common batteries are advertised to run for about eight hours, and between 20-30 miles, before needs to be charged.
Some people are a little wary of purchasing an electric scooter because they fear it will be difficult to operate. In fact, the control console makes it quite simple once a person gets the feel for it. Electric scooters are also equipped with advanced brake systems, so stopping is simple and comfortable. The brake begins to engage as soon as the operator lets off the throttle, so there is little chance for abrupt or jarring stops. Most scooters also have a parking brake to keep the electric scooter from rolling when parked.


Nowadays, small scooter becomes popular especially during recreation time, relaxing and for human exercise after they had faced their office job. There is a lot of scooter type around us like have seated or stand while riding the scooter. Most of that is operation by motor electric or just using our leg to move scooter like playing skate board.
The problem is, most of that scooter is not flexible although it is already small. Even though some manufacturer make it can be flip, but there is just only a few part to be that like seat, handle, and sometime arm bar. Most of flip small scooter are operate by swinging rider leg to move it. Some of the scooter looked not so ergonomic and cannot be use for a long time.
Even for an electric scooter, most of that can’t be flip. Usually just their seat and handle can be up and down to flip. Sometime this will cause a lot of space for storage and difficult to bring far from house like to put it into the car and so on.


The objectives of our project are:
• To reduce time and fasten the movement
• To reduce the use of non-renewable energy sources
• To control the pollution
• To be used for transportation on airports, colleges and at places of tourists interests.


The following studies are including in the design and development of single seater electric scooter:
i. Literature study
ii. Conceptual design
iii. CAE analysis
iv. Fabrication model refinement
v. Material Selection
vi. Prototype Development
vii. Running
viii. Report preparation

Design and Fabrication of Electric Scooter report Download
Design and Fabrication of Electric Scooter report Download


A Electric Scooter has following advantages:
• It is Eco-Friendly.
• It can easily be used for short-distance travels i.e. College tours, factory tours etc.
• The Electric Scooter has a predictable surface that is much easier to negotiate than sidewalks, curbs or trails and the risk of tripping is reduced.
• Multiple users can use the same equipment without adjusting the structure.
• It can be used at the places where is the risk of contamination due to emission.


A Electric Scooter has following disadvantages:
• On sudden application of brakes jerking and accident can occur.
• Main disadvantage of Electric Scooter is its discharging battery. Due to sudden discharge of battery in between of travelling many problems are faced.
• Not optimal for long distance.


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