Design and Fabrication Of Beans Sheller Machine

Design and Fabrication Of Beans Sheller Machine

We produce this powerful, yet easily portable electric pea sheller that is sure to save you a lot of time and effort in the task of shelling peas and beans. First created by Lee Manufacturing Company in 1976, many thousands were made with plywood. Now our Electric Pea Sheller, Sr. (Mr. Pea Sheller) is constructed of great looking and durable aluminum which makes it much easier to clean after shelling a bushel basket of beans.
Measuring approximately 16″ in length and 9″ tall (weighs Under 20 lbs), this pea sheller is small enough to store easily and move from kitchen counter, to dining room table to patio without much effort. Yet its powerful 1/15 horsepower motor will make quick work of pea shelling. Plug into any outlet and you are ready to get to work. Our shelling rollers have “teeth” or splines. They grip the bean pods and pull them through.

Shell beans need warm soil, and require a growing season that has temperatures averaging between 70-80 degree Fahrenheit (MEN, 2010). No matter what variety is grown at the farm, it is essential that the beans have well drained soil that is rich in organic matter. pH should range between 6.0 and 7.5-lime can be worked into the soil if the soil is too acidic. As learned, legumes are able to fix their own nitrogen, so it is essential that when growing shelling beans there is not an excess of fertilizer added to the plots (MEN, 2010). Over fertilizing beans will result in a large amount of lush green leaves and foliage, but few beans produced.

bean sheller machine
bean sheller machine


The Beans sheller machine works according to the principle of two point bending. The rotation of the driven rolls being utilized to feed the metal through the rolls by means of the frictional forces present between the surface of the rolls and beans. No lubricant is used at its presence interference with the ability to grip.

Beans sheller machine essentially consists of two rollers, used to manufacture circular components like cylinders. The Beans sheller, whom is to be formed in cylindrical shape, is present at the edge by hammering. To start the operation easily and to avoid flats at the beginning and at the ends of the rolled form. In rolling cylindrical shapes a gradual curve is to be put in the metal rather than sharp bends. Now the beans sheller is introduced between the top and the bottom rolls, the gap between the top and bottom rolls are adjusted as per the required diameter by regulating the screw rods.


Beans sheller machine is used to make,

  • Bodies of shells and condensers
  • Dairy equipment
  • All hotels


  • Operation of this machine is very simple
  • Unit is compact so less space is required
  • The machine is Motorized
  • The total cost of the machine is less.
  • Maintenance of this machine is very easy.
  • Easy to handle
  • Time consumption is less
  • Less effort & productive
  • Easy to install at any were
  • Skilled workers are not required
  • Convenient for mass production
  • Less in weight


  • Time taken for production is more
  • Additional cost is required

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