This project work titled “SHEET ROLLING MACHINE” has been conceived having studied the difficulties in making bending in sheet metal. This project facilitates in making bending accurate in sheet metal with easy. The project employee by using the roller for bending purpose by manual.
This machine can be used in various fields. Our project the sheet metal rolling is very simple in operation by using roller which is coupled with handle.
In Sheet Metal working industry a wide range of power and hand operated machines are used. This machine is simple in construction and working.
Introduction :
Our project the “SHEET METAL ROLLING MACHINE” finds huge application in Sheet Metal industry. Rolling is the process of bending sheets to a curved form. The article in the shape of cylinders is made by rolling roller.
Rolling operation can be done on hand or power operated rolling machines. In forming cylindrical shapes a gradual curve is to be put in the metal rather than sharp bends. The gap between the rollers can be regulated by hand operated screws.
Sheet metal is available in flat pieces or as a coiled strip. Various forming process in sheet metal include:
  1. Punching
  2. Roll forming
  3. Rolling
  4. Spinning
  5. Stamping
  6. Bending
  7. Deep drawing
  8. Expanding
  9. Curling
  10. Press brake forming
  11. Decambering
  12. Ironing
  13.  Laser cutting
  14.  Incremental sheet forming etc.
Sheet Rolling machine 
Sheet Rolling machine
Roll bending
A continuous form from of three-point bending is roll bending, where plates, sheet and rolled on each end, one of the support can often be swung clear to permit the removal of closed shapes from the rolls shapes can be bent to a desired curvature on forming rolls. These machines usually have three roll in the of a pyramid, with the two lower rolls being driven and the position of the upper roll being adjustable by a frame.
The Sheet Metal Rolling Machine works according to the principle of three point bending. The rotation of the driven rolls being utilized to feed the metal through the rolls by means of the frictional forces present between the surface of the rolls and sheet. No lubricant is used at its presence interference with the ability to grip. Sheet Metal Rolling Machine essentially consists of three rollers, used to manufacture circular components like cylinders. Sheet Metal Rolling Machine is classified into two types based on the arrangement of the rollers.
They are as follows.
1. Pinch type machine
2. Pyramidal type machine
This machine is of pinch type here only the top roll serves as a driven, bottom roller are idler and rotates on friction with the work metal blank.
The Sheet Metal, which is to be formed in cylindrical shape, is present atm the edge by hammering. To start the operation easily and to avoid flats at the beginning and at the ends of the rolled form. In rolling cylindrical shapes a gradual curve is to be put in the metal rather than sharp bends. Now the sheet metal is introduced between the top and the bottom rolls, the gap between the top and bottom rolls are adjusted as per the required diameter by regulating the screw rods.
The rollers were arranged in triangular form; two sets of rollers below and one above. The upper roller provide the bending force while the back base roller provides the required driving force and the front end Roller bends the metal according to set radius of bend. Aperture adjuster on each block assembly ensure loading of workpiece and adjustment to required radius of bent. The free end of the top bearing block is spring loaded to increase or to reduce top-base roller clearance. Two other bores on each bearing blocks provide an adjustment for the roller gap variability. Top roller Provides the bearing load (bending force)and also compliments the driving roller when working on thick materials.
 The lower back roller provides the necessary driving forces while the idler roller does the bending and material delivery. There are two crank levers, one on the top roller and another on the front end roller. The lever (handle) coupling head has a square configuration which fits into the square end of the roller shaft.
The frame structure made of(50×50×5)mm angle iron for the purposes of strength. The tool table is provided below the rollers for safe keeping of tools and cranks. The roller head assembly is detachable from the frame and can be mounted on a table to be used as a table top machine for tinkering works.
  • Operation of this machine is very simple
  • Unit is compact so less space is required
  • No hand tools are required
  • Cylindrical shaped objects of dia. 50 mm to 225 mm can be produced
  • The diameter can be easily operate this machine
  • The machine is hand operated. So the cost of the finished product will be less.
  • The total cost of the machine is less.
  • Maintenance of this machine is very easy.
  • Easy to handle
  • Less effort and productive
  • Easy to install at any were
  • Skilled workers are not required
  • Convenient for mass production
  • Less in weight
  • This machine has a hand operated one
  •  Production time is high.
Sheet Metal rolling machine is used to make,
  1. Outer cylindrical casing for motors employed in submersible pumps.
  2. Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders
  3. Bodies of shells and condensers
  4. Dairy equipment
  5. Compressors storage tanks etc…
  6. It is also used to make cylinders of different diameters

Sachin Thorat

Sachin is a B-TECH graduate in Mechanical Engineering from a reputed Engineering college. Currently, he is working in the sheet metal industry as a designer. Additionally, he has interested in Product Design, Animation, and Project design. He also likes to write articles related to the mechanical engineering field and tries to motivate other mechanical engineering students by his innovative project ideas, design, models and videos.

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