Design and Fabrication of Automatic Baby Cradle System

Design and Fabrication of Automatic Baby Cradle System

Abstract –

Cradle is an appliance which use to carry a baby and oscillate automatically with certain speed for comfort sleep of a baby. Babies sleeps sound in mosses baskets or cradle, as they afford a limited sleeping atmosphere which helps them feel secure. B-Care is a novel concept, which enables the movements of a carriage, to raise the cradle, to move the machine from one place to another, automatic movement of cradle when baby is disturbed and much more.

The equipment Baby care includes a dc motor, link, and an oscillating bed and sensors. The electric powered motor will actuate the links by shaft. Links actuates the rod attached to the bed at constant speed. The carriage is attached to the metal rod through springs which will provide a vibratory motion. It will also ensure the cradle motion even when the baby cries or moves using sensors. Motor, link and sensors are attached to the side of the cradle frame. High strength, light weight material is used for the manufacturing of Baby care.

Baby care is the most cost effective, user friendly, automated mechanism for baby care in the modern nuclear family.


In today’s world, everyone is busy in its own life. Nowadays, even the mothers are working and there is a requirement of unattended cradle. The proposed E-Cradle is a novel solution to this problem. In the proposed design, there will be a circuit placed along the cradle which will sense the sound intensity of the cry of the child and takes necessary actions based on the sound intensity of the child’s cry.

The system is designed to help parents and nurses in infants care.

The design aims at following points:

  1. Cradle starts swinging automatically when baby cry.
  2. If the baby stops crying before 2 minutes, then the cradle will stop automatically after 3 minutes of swinging.
  3. Sounds an alarm if baby cries for more than a stipulated time of 2 minutes indicating that baby needs attention.
  4. Sounds an alarm when mattress gets wet.

Before the use of cradle in society, baby caring was completely by caretaker but in the nuclear family baby caring is very difficult. So there is a need for automation in the cradle section. As the baby needs more care and safety automation of cradle is very much difficult for safe design.

design and fabrication of baby cradle machine
design and fabrication of baby cradle machine

Cost is much important to develop a cradle with an automated mechanism. The family faces the problem of carrying the baby to places for that cradle must be mobile. So the standard living of the reputed family needs the automated cradle. Various small industries uses components made of plastic, rubber etc., assembled mechanically to make simple cradle but when using automation we need material
with strength and for simple using materials must be weightless. For considering safety of baby sharp edges are covered with rubber. Cradle performance and efficiency is high as it needs less electricity and probability of failure is completely removed.

Since safety is necessary for baby, care has to be taken during production and assembly of its component parts. Many tools and equipment used in the domestic as well as small scale industries are designed to help the personnel working in production facility. Special instruction books are given to help the care taker for easiness. Our project aims at the design and fabrication of an Electro Mechanical Cradle for the purpose of using it in nuclear family with medium income. The principle used here is that cam which will rotate according to the mechanical power given to it, in our project the carriage is being oscillated with the help of a U-frame which is coupled to a cam which is mechanically powered by motor (low speed high torque motor). Also this device is likely to be used in public places where the family goes.

An electric motor is a machine which converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. Its action is based on the principle that when a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, it experiences a magnetic force whose direction is given by Fleming’s left hand rule. When a motor is in operation, it develops torque. This torque can produce mechanical rotation. DC motors are also like generators classified into shunt wound or series wound or compound wound motors.

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