Design and Fabrication Automatic Pressure Control Valve



In a process industry pressure is an important parameter. Particularly pneumatic pressure is a very important parameter. By using the pneumatic pressure controller, we can save the power consumed by the industries too. Normally in the industries, there are high pressure is somewhat low (say around 30 to 40 mbar) the required pressure is depends upon the process presently we are working with the machine.

The required pressure is setted to the pressure switch which measures the current pressure continuously. The electrical pressure switch is designed for starting or stopping of equipment when pressure in the system drops or exceeds the pre-set limits.


In our project, the pneumatic solenoid valve is used as a gate valve open/close mechanism. The pressure switch is fitted on the pressure tank and the electrical input supply is given to the pressure switch. The output of pressure switch signal is given to the solenoid valve. The solenoid valve is having one inlet and one outlet normally closed type. The inlet port is connected to the pressure tank and the outlet tube connected to the any equipment.

  • Industries with large no of machines, pressure required is produced by means of a single compressor.
  • Sufficient pressure for each machines are provided by means of regulating valves.
  • In each machines the required pressure will be different at different operating conditions.
  • Even though the pressure consumption is low, the compressor is producing pressure at a higher rate. So the wastage of pressure is more.
  • In our project we are controlling the pressure produced by the compressor by means of gate valve open/close system.



  • Spinning mills.
  • Textile industries.
  • Cable manufacturing industries.
  • Industries where constant pneumatic pressures are required from the same compressor used in pneumatic, controller machines.


  • It replaces manual pressure regulating valves.
  • Large amount of energy can be saved.
  • Arrangement is simpler.
  • Compressor efficiency increases.
  • Multiple machine control is possible from a single unit by the use of suitable arrangements
  • Accuracy is more.
  • According to our purpose any amount of pressure can be maintain


  • Additional cost is required for pressure switch and solenoid valve.
  • Pressure setting is done by manually

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