Design and Fabrication of Pneumatic reciprocating Water Pumping system 


The main objective of this project is to pump the water with very less electric power. The process is carried out by the pneumatic cylinder and the compressed air. The model consists of a tank, non return valve and a pneumatic cylinder. The concept is pneumatic since it is easy to operate and also a quick process. The concept can bring a drastic change in the field of mechanical especially for lubrication purpose in the machining areas. 
This project is designed with control unit, pneumatic cylinder, solenoid valve and a water tank. The unit is timing operated according to our necessity the pneumatic cylinder can be operated. The pneumatic cylinder is connected to the empty cylinder for pumping the water from the tank. The relay output is directly connected to the solenoid valve. Now the pump is operated and lubricant is provided on the machines in order to reduce the heat.
Design and Fabrication of Pneumatic reciprocating Water Pumping system
Design and Fabrication of Pneumatic reciprocating Water Pumping system
Once the solenoid valve is actuated through the control circuit, the pneumatic cylinder connected with it will be extended and retracted respectively. This results in the pumping cylinder to extend and retract, as the piston rods of both the cylinders are coupled with each other. Once the pumping cylinder is retracted the water in the tank will be sucked and it will be delivered as the cylinder is extended. The continuous operation will deliver the water as per the requirement. The process is controlled by the control unit. 
  1. Requirement of man power is not necessary
  2. Electric power required is minimum
  3. Quick process
  4. Easy to handle

  1. Needs separate air compressor

  1. It is applicable in all small scale and large scale industries for lubrication

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