Introduction to Compressed Air And Air Drill Operated bicycle.

The basic concept behind this project idea is Compressed Air Vehicle ( CAV ). This is mini project suitable for Diploma Students but If further modification is done then could be possible to make this idea more beneficial and useful.
Compressed air operated bicycle
Compressed air operated bicycle

Introduction to Concept.

The basic system is pneumatic system where the compressed air tank is main power source. Compressed air is working medium which renewable, need to fill in tank frequently. This is similar as Compressed Air Vehicle (CAV) but to convert power available in pressuried air can be converted by using Air drills or Friction Drives.
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Constructional Details.

Part Required.

1) Bicycle : 

A simple bicycle is needed . No modification is necessary in bicycle structure or design .

2) Air Storage Tank:
Tank is required to store the compressed air, actually air starts compressing in tank itself. So tank must be designed by following Design Of Pressure Vessel Standards e.g. ASME standards available for boiler and Pressure Vessel.
The storage tanks , usually circular, are commonly made from made of:
  • steel
  • Carbon fiber in order to reduce its weight while achieving the necessary strength (a thermoplastic container surrounded by a carbon fiber shell)
  • Aluminium

3) Air Drills :
Air drills are the actuators which gives useful rotational motion. The rotational motion is given to rear Tyre of bicycle via frictional contact. Air drills are used for small drilling operations in a workshop, you might have seen in Workshop. Air drills has special grooved circle which helpful for gripping purpose.

4) Flexible Pipes and Flow control Valve.
Flexible pipes are required to transmit air from tank to air drill .Flexible pipes complete the whole circuit. Flow control valve is used to regulate the flow of air so that pressure can be controlled .Flow control valve’s switch must be placed on handle , this will help while braking.

Working of Project :

The working is so simple shown in figure. 
Use Of Air Drill
Use Of Air Drill
Compressed air is stored in tank .Tank is fitted as per convenience , best place is at rear side- On the rear wheel. Air drill is fixed such that it will drive the rear wheel as shown in pic below :

Advantage of Compressed Air bicycle
1) Less muscle power required.
2) Quick action and more rpm
3) Pressure control is easy.
4) Safely braking of bicycle.
5) With fever muscle power could be possible to cover long distance without fatigue.

Limitations of Compressed Air Operated bicycle

1) Tank weight at rear side .
While designing tank we should consider about weight of tank because more weight will need more power to overcome rest condition of bicycle.

2) More tyre wear.

Design Of Simple Pressure Vessels
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