Compressed Air Production Using Vehicle Suspension-Mechanical Project

Compressed Air Production Using Vehicle Suspension-Mechanical Project


In this project we are collecting air cylinder and store this energy to the compressor tank as non-conventional method by simply driving the vehicle. Non-conventional energy system is very essential at this time to our nation. Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor needs no fuel input power to produce the output of the air.

For this project the conversion of the force energy in to air. The control mechanism carries the air cylinder (vehicle suspensor), quick exhaust valve, Non-return valve and spring arrangement. We have discussed the various applications and further extension also. The initial cost of this arrangement is high.


Man has needed and used energy at an increasing rate for his sustenance and well being ever since he came on the earth a few million years ago. Primitive man required energy primarily in the form of food. He derived this by eating plants or animals, which he hunted. Subsequently he discovered fire and his energy needs increased as he started.
To make use of wood and other bio mass to supply the energy needs for cooking as well as for keeping himself warm. With the passage of time, man started to cultivate land for agriculture. With further demand for energy, man began to use the wind for sailing ships and for driving windmills, and the force of falling water to turn water wheels.
Till this time, it would not be wrong to say that the sun was supplying all the energy needs of man either directly or indirectly and that man was using only renewable sources of energy.
Compressed Air Production Using Vehicle Suspension
Compressed Air Production Using Vehicle Suspension-Mechanical Project


• The important components of our project are,
• Pneumatic single acting cylinder
• Quick exhaust valve
• Air tank
• Gate valve

The complete diagram of the compressed air production using vehicle suspensor is given below. The pushing power is converted into compressed. Air energy by proper driving arrangement. The pneumatic single acting Cylinder is used for this project. The spring arrangement is fixed at the outside of the pneumatic cylinder. The spring is used to return the inclined L-angle window in same position by releasing the load. The output air from the pneumatic cylinder is collected through quick exhaust valve and non-return valve and inside spring arrangement

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