Power Generation using speed breaker with help Of Spring Mechanism

Power Generation using speed breaker with help Of Spring Mechanism

Abstract-Electricity Generation Using Speed Breaker

There are various ways of electricity generation. These days’ new ways are being thought out of generating electricity because of ever increasing energy demands. One of the possible ways of generation of electricity may be using speed breaker which may be used in future across many locations.

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Construction and Working 

In its simple but effective construction this project consists of array of speed breakers. All odd numbers of speed breakers are actual speed breakers and all eve n numbers of speed breakers are dummy speed breakers. All dummy speed breakers are retractable within road cavity as these speed breakers are spring loaded. Whenever any vehicle passes over this array of speed breakers dummy speed breakers due to the weight of vehicles get depressed within the road cavity and the linear motion created because of depression of the dummy speed breakers is transferred to a mechanical link. The linear motion thus achieved in said link, thereafter is transferred to a set of free wheel where it is converted into circular. This circular motion thus achieved is then transmitted to flywheel where the motion i.e. mechanical energy is saved and released as per requirement.
Power Generation Using Speed Breaker 
Power Generation Using Speed Breaker
This flywheel is connected to a DC generator which converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. This electrical energy then can be used to charge a battery using a charging circuit. From the battery the electrical energy can further be used for much application like providing electricity in local area. As far as the actual project work is concerned this includes building a scale down working prototype generating electricity ranging from 1.5 volt to 12 volt DC the current capacity and the voltage generation depends on the scale of model thereby the end application to be run there after depend on the voltage and current generated.

Characteristic points of Seed breaker electricity generation system

  • Pollution free electricity generation
  • Simple mechanism
  • Easy for installation
  • Works only when vehicle passes over speed breaker
  • Thus intermittent power generation
  • This power can be stored in battery array so as to use it further
  • This can be done using battery charging circuits and inverter circuits
  • Can be installed at various roads, toll booths etc.
  • Can be of very use to provide electricity in local area
  • Easy for maintenance
  • Can be couple to main grid in big cities wherein probable installation
  • places are abundant
Parts Used For This Project with their Material
  1.  MDF (Medium Density Fibrecore Hardwood Plywood)
  2.  Aluminum Rods
  3.  Aluminum Pipe
  4.  Bearings
  5.  Chains
  6.  Free wheels
  7.  Strings
  8.  Springs / Rubbers
  9.  Rubber Bushes
  10.  Generator cum Motor
  11.  LED
  12.  Nut and Bolts
  13.  Studs
  14.  Screws
  15.  Washers etc

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