Man in his lifetime, uses energy in one form or the other. In fact whatever happens in nature, results, out of the conversion of energy in one form or the other? The blowing of the wind, the formation of the clouds and the flow of water are a few examples that stand testimony to this fact. The extensive usage of energy has resulted in an energy crisis, and there is a need to develop methods of optimal utilization, which will not only ease the crisis but also preserve the environment. In this paper the electricity is generated through the sliding mechanism. For obtaining the electricity through the sliding mechanism a prototype model is developed and studied. Findings from this research work are discussed in this project. This research work used a permanent magnet D.C. generator thereby generating 12 Volt D.C. This D.C. voltage is stored to the lead 12-volt battery. Electricity stored in battery is used to activate the light, fan etc. By increasing the capacity of the battery power rating is increased. 


          Electricity is one of the most widely used forms of energy. Today also there is great scarcity of electricity. In this study an innovative concept of Generating Electricity from moving vehicles is presented i.e. Road Power Generator by Using Flip Plate Mechanism. Producing electricity from a Road power generator is a new concept that is undergoing research. The number of vehicles on road is increasing rapidly and if we convert some of the kinetic energy of these vehicle into the rotational motion of generator then we can produce considerable amount of electricity, this is the main concept of this project. Today our whole life style is dependent on electricity. With the increasing population the use of electric power is also increasing. But we know that the resources to generate electricity are limited, and this has lead to the energy crisis. During this scenario we need to generate electricity from the things used in day-to-day life[6]. In this project the speed breakers present on roads are used to generate electricity. As we know that vehicles on road are increasing day by day which will help us to generate electricity as these vehicles pass through the speed breakers? This electricity generated can be used for different purpose such as lighting of signals and streetlights on road etc.


  The principle of the electric power generation using sliding mechanism is very simple. It is based on the same principle as in the case of electricity generation in case of hydroelectric power plant, thermal electric power plant, nuclear power plant, geothermal energy, wind energy, tidal energy etc. In all of the above power plant mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy. In this setup also mechanical energy is converted into electrical power using a D.C. generator. Here the vertical motion of the top of the sliding plate is converted into the rotational motion, which in turn rotates the generator and generates electricity.



Road Power Generation (RPG) is a system design to capture waste and kinetic energy from all vehicles. This device converts the kinetic energy of the vehicles into electric energy. This is done by moving plate installed on the road, this plate captured very small movement from the road surfaces and it transferred to a key way flywheel system. From hundreds of wheel lies a single flywheel having used to driving machinery. The RPG included the method of driving one flywheel to another, once it reached predetermining velocity. The RPG flywheel system has been developed to achieve large amount of moment of inertia in relatively small space. The captured energy is converted into electricity which is fed into power grid.          

               In this project the two sliding plates are mounted on the road surface and these plates are followed by the sliding mechanism arrangement. Sliding plates are mounted on the shaft which is attached to the frame via bearing. Spring arrangement is made for flexible sliding motion of sliding plates when vehicles are moving on the road.  Frame is installed under the road. And the shaft rod is connected to sprocket. This sprocket wills converts sliding motion into rotary motion. This sprocket arrangement is connected to the gear arrangement. Gear is mounted on the D.C generator. As wheel of the vehicle reaches upper most position of the plate, plates get slide through guide; simultaneously shaft moves sliding provide torque to sprocket. The sprocket transmitted this torque to shaft. Shaft is supported by two bearings attached on wall of frame. The shaft having gears and flywheel arrangement on shaft through one way bearing. This arrangement functions to enhance rotation of flywheel for small motion of shaft. The bigger gear has coupled with smaller gear mounted on the D.C. generator shaft. The d. c. Generator converts the rotation of smaller gear into electricity.


Power generation using speed breaker system can be used in most of the places such as:
 1. This technique can be used in all highways.
 2. This technique can be used in all roadways Speed brake. 
3. This mechanism of generating of electricity can be placed on the actual speed breaker of the roads. 
4. The power is Generated when the vehicles pass through it. Which in can be stored in the battery.
 5. This power can be used in many Places after using the inverter, which enhances in the voltage from 12 volts to 230 volts.
 6. This power can be used in the following:
  Street Lights.
•  Road Signals.
•  Sign boards on the roads.
•  Lighting Of the bus stops.
•  Lighting of the check post on the highways etc


Generation of power without polluting the environment.
•  Simple construction, mature technology and easy maintenance.
•  No fuel transportation required.
•  No consumption of any fossil fuel which is non-renewable source of energy.
•  No external source is needed for power generation.


This project is designed for road power generation is specifically used on highways, entrance and exit of school, college and companies. Entrance and exit of malls. It can be installed at toll booths, bus stands, airports and railways parking zone electricity generated by road power generation.


Road Power Generation is a new type of unconventional source of energy. This uses wasted energy of moving vehicles. It converts kinetic energy developed from moving vehicles to electric energy. RPG is possible answer for battery charging station and also for the lightning of the street light. The higher frequency of passing vehicles provides higher capacity.

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