Swing Electricity Generation System Mechanical Project

Swing Electricity Generation System Mechanical Project

This project is about a swing, which is used by children for playing that produces electricity while being used. In its simple construction, the swinging action of the swing makes the horizontal beam member turns through some angle and continues it’s to and fro motion now this motion is transferred to a link which transfers this angular motion into linear one as well as amplifies the same. This amplified motion is then transmitted to a free wheel that using flexible links. The free wheel turns this linear reciprocating motion in to circular one directional motion and transmits the same to  flywheel. The flywheel is connected to a generator via a specific transmission to increase the speed at generator end. The generator converts the mechanical energy into electrical and thus electricity is
produced. The swing generates electricity while being used only.
The electricity thus produced can be used for local use. The electricity thus produced is free of cost and is ecologically friendlier. This way of generation of electricity if implemented at various parks play houses nurseries schools etc. can certainly lower down the load on main grid thus helping in saving electricity. This swing electricity generator not only generates electricity but also can be a very useful tool to educate children to learn to conserve energy. Along with this project uses that
energy that is given away in playing. The actual project work includes a scale down working model of electricity generator that is built to approximate size of 3 feet high and having base 2*1.5 feet. The project model develops 1.5 volt sufficient enough according to the model size. In actual 1:1 scale proportion the project is needed to develop 18 volt.
Swing Electricity Generation System Mechanical Project
Swing Electricity Generation System Mechanical Project
Characteristic points of swing electricity generation system
  • Pollution free electricity generation
  • Simple mechanism
  • Easy for installation
  • Works only when someone uses swing
  • Thus intermittent power generation
  • This power can be stored in battery array so as to use it further
  • This can be done using battery charging circuits and inverter circuits
  • Can be installed at places such as schools, playgrounds where wherein mass transit of children is sighted e.g. hotels, fairs etc.
  • Can be of very use to provide electricity in local area
  • Easy for maintenance
  • Can be couple to main grid in big cities wherein probable installation places are abundant

Material used in project work

  • MDF (Medium Density Fibrecore Hardwood Plywood)
  • Aluminum Rods
  • Aluminum Pipe
  • Bearings
  • Chains
  • Free wheels
  • Springs / Rubbers
  • Rubber Bushes
  • Generator cum Motor
  • LED
  • Nut & Bolts
  • Screws
  • Washers etc

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