Electricity Generation By Foot Steps (Staircase) -Regenerative Mechanical Project

Electricity Generation By Foot Steps (Staircase) -Regenerative Mechanical Project

Case 1)

 By Using Mechanical Linkages:

Abstract- Staircase Electricity Generator

This project is about a stair case, that when being used generates electricity.
This staircase has steps that swivels to some extent, whenever someone uses this staircase these steps gets lower down. This motion of step is amplified using leverage. The linear motion at the end of lever is transmitted to free wheels using strings those have chains at their ends which runs on the free wheel. Thus the linear motion is transmitted into rotary one. This rotary motion is then transmitted to flywheel which runs generator that produces electricity.
The project work is scale down working model and the overall dimensions are about approximately 1.5*3*3. In the project model steps get lowered at the load of 1kg. Electricity generation in the scale down version varies from 1.5 V DC to 6 V DC. This project can be of very much use for places wherein mass public transit is carried out like railway crossover, subways etc. Here electricity can be produced and
used thereafter. Installation and use of this system at number of locations can lower load on main grid there by reducing pollution.

Characteristic points of staircase electricity generation system

  1. Pollution free electricity generation
  2. Simple mechanism
  3. Easy for installation
  4. Works only when someone uses staircase
  5. Thus intermittent power generation
  6. This power can be stored in battery array so as to use it further
  7. This can be done using battery charging circuits and inverter circuits
  8. Can be installed at places such as cross over flyovers where wherein mass transit of pedestrians occurs e.g. railway stations, bus stands, squares etc.
  9. Can be of very use to provide electricity in local area
  10. Easy for maintenance
  11. Can be couple to main grid in cities like Mumbai wherein probable installation places are abundant

Working in brief:

Electricity Generation By Foot Steps (Staircase) 
Electricity Generation By Foot Steps (Staircase)
Whenever some body uses this staircase, the movable stairs lowers down through 10 degrees this motion is amplified using leaver mechanics, thereafter this motion is transmitted to free wheels via flexible links. Free-wheel converts this linear motion into circular one, this circular motion is transmitted to flywheel which runs electricity generator, thus electricity is generated, which can be used in further applications.

Case 2 : By Using Rack And Pinion Mechanism:

Abstract— A slab of concrete harnesses kinetic energy whenever it is stepped on. This energy, created by 5 millimeters of flex in the material, is then either stored by lithium polymer batteries contained within the slabs or transmitted immediately to streetlights or other electronics located close by. The current model, made from stainless steel, recycled car tires and recycled aluminum, also includes a lamp embedded in the pavement that lights up every time a step is converted into energy (using only 5 percent of the generated energy).
Dynamo:A dynamo, originally another name for an electrical generator, now means a generator that produces direct current with the use of a commutator.
Rotary Converter Development:  After dynamos were found to allow easy conversion back and forth between mechanical or electrical power, the new discovery was used to develop complex multi-field single-rotor devices with two or more commutators.
Rack and pinion system:A rack and pinion is a type of linear actuator that comprises a pair of gears which convert rotational motion into linear motion. The circular pinion engages teeth on a linear “gear” bar – the rack. Rotational motion applied to the pinion will cause the rack to move to the side, up to the limit of its travel. For example, in a rack railway, the rotation of a pinion mounted on a locomotive or a railcar engages a rack between the rails and pulls a train along a steep slope.

Reference Download The Paper /Report On Electricity Generation by foot steps : 

File Size: 384 Kb

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