Part Modelling Design – CATIA V5 | Interviews Questions and Answers

Part Modelling Design – CATIA V5 | Interviews Questions and Answers

Part Modelling Design | Interview ,viva ,Oral questions and Answers

CATIA V5 Questions : Click here to See More Questions 

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Computer Aided (Design/Manufacturing/Engineering). Product Life cycle Management/ Product Data Management/ Virtual Product Module/ Virtual Product data management/ Computational Fluid Dynamics.

2) Is it Possible to create pocket or groove as first features?
Yes, it is possible.(body concept)

3) How to give tolerance to particular dimension?
First, give the dimension & using right click select ADD TOLERANCE from the contextual menu & specify the tolerance.

4) What is use of creating datum?
Deactivates the link between parts.

5) Can you pad open &intersecting profile?
Possible for open profile with thin pad option. Not possible with intersecting profile.

6) Can I take portion of the one sketch for creating pad?
Yes, using the MULTIPAD option OR using simple PAD and in simple PAD select GOTO PROFILE option.

It performs drafting, pocket& filleting simultaneously.

8) Can we use arc as axis for creating shaft feature?
No, we cannot use an arc as axis for creating shaft feature.

9) What kind of profile should be there for creating stiffener?
We can use Wire frame geometry or sub elements of a sketch. Profile may be open or  closed but condition is that closed profile’s extrusion must be normal to sketch.

catia part design
catia part design

10) Can we give two different angles for same face of solid by using draft option?
No, it is not possible to give 2 different angles for same face of solid by using draft option but it is possible if we use “ADVANCED DRAFT”

11) What is power copy?
Power copy is a set of features that are grouped under to use in different context & having the capability to adapt changes when pasted.

12) What is user feature creation (UFC)?
Create hybrid feature, intended to be stored in catalogues and can be instantiated later on.

13) What is the use of the option ‘Duplicate data in CATIA model’ in design table?
Check this box when you intend to reuse your document on an opening system different from the one, which is used to create the design table.

14) Is it possible to add some more parameters to pre-existing design table?
Yes, we can add parameter to the exiting design table with of ASSOCIATE option.

15) What are the different options in PASTE SPECIAL?
As result: In this option the copied feature having neither link nor the design specification of the original one.
As result with link:– In this option the copied feature will be having link with the original one but not the design specification of the original one.
As specified in part document:- In this option, the copied feature will be having both the link and design specification of the original one.

16) It is possible to create negative body?
Yes, using INSERT menu & INSERT BODY option

17) What is use of REMOVE LUMP?
Removing of material that is not physically connected to any body.

18) What is Reframe on & center graph?
REFRAME:- Zooms on particular object selected CENTER GRAPH Bring the selected features to the center screen in the specification tree.

19) What is the use of ‘REORDER’?
The capability of REORDER command allows us to rectify design mistakes by reordering operation

20) What is the use of PULLING DIRECTION IN Rib option?
It sweeps the profile with respect to a specified direction. To select this direction, select a plane or an edge.

21) How do I create a plane at angles to another plane?
Using the option Angle/normal to plane in PLANE command.

22) What are the different types of coupling modes are there in loft?
Ratio, Verticles, Tangency discontinuity, curvature then tangency Discontinuity.

23) What is the significance of specified representation in PATTERN?
With this you can make any object invisible.

24) How I can place the instances on both sides of original feature?
Using Row 1 & Row 2 options.

25) Is it possible to pattern the two or more features at a time?
Yes (by multi selecting the features & then selecting the pattern command)

26) What is meaning of ‘explode’ in pattern?
Deactivating the link b/w patterns & makes them as independent entities.

27) What are all the limitations of User Features Creations (UFC) as compared with the power copy?
1) In UFC datum’s cannot be used as inputs of the features.
2) Sub-elements cannot be used as inputs of the features Ex. The face of a pad cannot be used as input.
3) When creating a user features, it is not possible to edit (add/remove) inputs once you leave the DEFINITION Dialog tab. Click the CANCEL button and create the new user  feature creation.

28) What is ‘Keep angle’ in rib & slot?
‘Keep angle’ option in ribs &slots lets us to keep angle value between the sketch plane used for the profile & the tangent of the center curve.

29) Which is the better option to split which a solid: – a) surface b) plane c) face?
Plane is the best option to split solid.

30) Is it possible to split using the SEW operation?

A FUNCTIONAL SURFACE is the element that defines the face on a solid.

32) What is IUA? What is its purpose?

IUA= Interactive User Application Its purpose is to customize the CATIA user command.

33) What is use the of MERGE END option?
‘MERGE END’ option when checked, will limit the extrusion to the exiting material.

34) What is the use of LAW function?

The usage of law function involves the creation of geometry to control the exiting material.

35) What are solid primitives?

Solid primitives are the ready-made features available in a particular for use. One Just needed to enter the dimensions & can have solid ready made. Example: – cylinder, cone, sphere, etc…

36) What is ‘Reference surface’ option in ribs & slots?
It sweeps the profile while keeping the angle value between the axis & the reference surfaces constant.

37) Example the significance of the options ‘from side’ & ‘ from top’ in creating stiffeners?
From side: – The extrusion is performed in the profile’s plane & the thickness is added normal to the plane.
From top: – The extrusion is performed normal to the profile’s plane &the thickness is added in the profile plane.

38) What is ‘KEEP SPECIFICATION’ in pattern?

By checking this option we can have instances same as that of the original & any change made in the original will be observed in the instances.

39) What is ‘Simplified representation’ in pattern?
By checking this we can make desired objects invisible just by clicking on them.

CATIA V5 Questions : Click here to See More Questions 

Basic Of Catia v5 – Part 1 | Part Modelling Design – part 2 |

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