Surface Design – CATIA V5 | Interview question and Answers

CATIA interview question and answer Series 

Basic of Catia V5 | Interview questions and Answers

Part Modelling Design – CATIA V5 | Interviews Questions and Answers

1. What is thickness of surfaces?
Infinitely less

2. What is hybrid modeling?
Mixture of solid & surface modeling.

3. Is it possible to set default co lour for surface?
Yes, we can set default colors for surface.

4. What is use of ‘Federation’ option in join?
The purpose of federation is to regroup several elements making up joined surface or curve. This is especially useful when modifying linked geometry to avoid re specifying all the input elements.

5. What is default value for distance objectives in join command?

6. How does the nearest in project command will affect?
It will show it’s significance when there are more than one profile in a single sketch if we want to projects all of them on a surface then we have to uncheck it, otherwise the only profile, which is nearer to the surface, will get projected & others will not

7. Is it possible to perform a shell operation on a sphere?
Yes, we can shell a sphere. For this, we need to just select SHELL command & give wall thickness. If we select the sphere as object to be shelled then it will show some error & we cannot shell it.

CATIA V5 Surface
CATIA V5 Surface

8. What is healing of geometry?
This task shows how to heal surfaces, that is how to fill any (slight) gap that may be appealing b/w 2 surfaces.

9. What are distance objectives (in healing)?
It is the maximum gap allowed b/w 2 healed elements.

10. What is ‘Freeze elements’ in healing?
If this option is checked, the healing operation will not affect the selected elements under  ‘freeze elements’.

11. What is smoothing of curves?
This task shows how to smooth a curve, i.e., fill the gaps & smooth the tangency & curvature discontinuities, in order to generate better quality geometry when using this curve to create other elements, such as swept surfaces etc.

12. What is ‘Maximum deviation’ in smoothing curves command?
Maximum deviation (may be in distance or angles) is the allowed deviation between the initial curve and smoothed curve.

13. What is ‘topology simplification’ in smoothing curves command?
If this option is checked then it automatically deletes the vertices, thus reducing its numbers of segments.

14. List the different commands available to create surfaces?
Extrusion, revolve, sweep, fill & multi-section.

15. What is ‘simplify result’ in join?
Checking this button allows the system to automatically reduce the number of elements (faces or edges) in the resulting join whenever possible.

16. What is ‘Ignore erroneous elements’ in join?
Checking this button lets the system to ignore the surface & edges that otherwise would not allow the join to be created.

17. What are G0 & G1 propagate in join ?
G0 propagate: – The tolerance corresponds to the merging distance value.
G1 propagate: – The tolerance value corresponds to the angular threshold value.

18. What is the file save extension of surface ?
. CAT part is the file save extension of a surface.

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Part Modelling Design - CATIA V5 | Interviews Questions and Answers
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