Catia vs Solidworks – Difference Between Catia and Solidworks

Solidworks vs CATIA – Difference Between Catia and Solidworks 

CATIA and SOLIDWORKS are from the same company DASSAULT SYSTEMS. It is a FRENCH multinational software company. That develops the 3D design, 3D Digital mock-up, and PLM (product lifecycle managements) software.

CATIA is an acronym for Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application. This is a multi-platform software suite used for Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), PLM and 3D. SolidWorks, on the other hand, is a solid modeling computer aided design, and computer aided engineering software program sharing the similar concept of industrial designing. They are not technical competitors but aims at different segments in the industry.

catia vs solidworks -which is better difference
catia vs solidworks -which is better difference

Catia vs Solidworks – Difference Between Catia and Solidworks

Catia is a PLM (Project lifecycle managment) program.Solidworks is a Parametric 3D CAD program
CATIA is a giant and an all in one package entirely on different scale. Both the software are playing crucial role in their own place, so it is insignificant to compare with each other.SolidWorks is more user friendly and easier user interface than CATIA.
SolidWorks is used for Design, Electrical, and Mechanical streams except for the Architectural designs.
Catia is power full software and Not so User-friendlySolidworks is easy to use and user friendly
CATIA do not have Advanced Surfacing features.SolidWorks is rich in Advanced Surfacing features that can create mid surfaces, planar surfaces, extend, freeform-radiated surface, Min Radius Analysis, Surface Fill, Swept, Symmetry Check Analysis, Trim, Undercut Analysis, and much more.
CATIA lacks Sheet Metal Design Features such as Forming Tools, Bend Lines, Toggle Flat Display, and Hole Tables.All the Sheet Metal Design Features are present.
Readable files supported are ASCII, DXF, and IGES only.Readable files supported ACIS, ASM, BMP, DRW, DWG, and much more except ASCII.
Licensing stars from $25,000.Licensing starts from $6000.
Catia is the one for large projects.Solidworks is more aimed at smaller projects, smaller companies, this kind of things. That shows in the way their PLM works.

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