Paper bag making machine – mechanical Project 2019


“Automatic paper bag making machine “ in this prototype we are using glue, motor, paper folding system, roller, ARDUINO system.

  • basically here we are making low cost, simple in construction prototype.

What is paper bag making machine? :

  • Main aim making behind this machine  ,
  •  All paper bag making machines are very costly , also required in high space etc. but here we are overcome the previous system and making new system of paper folding system.
  • as we know,  The impacts of plastic pollution on our environment and especially on our marine life are a very real concern to the Queensland Government and the community.
    It is estimated that close to one billion single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags are used in Queensland each year.
  • in Maharashtra,India plastic bag banned totally.
  • so here the project can make Eco friendly paper bag in simple stages.

3D Model Of Paper bag making machine :

Paper Bag making Machine.
Paper Bag making Machine.

Working :

  • The main aim of our project is easily fold the paper on prototype. Here we are using three motors, slider, roller mechanism, grid glue, stopper, conveyor belt, frame for this mechanism etc,

Function of each part:

  • Motor: here total three motor are using .one is used for rolling the conveyor one is used for glue and third one is used for folding t e paper.
  • Stopper: stopper is used to prevent the paper from slipping.
  • Lead screw: lead screw is used for applying glue on paper.
  • Working:
  • When conveyor starts to rotate then papers also start to sliding that time glue start to applying on paper. When paper come across the last stopper then paper automatically stop to sliding then third motor will start to rotate then paper will fold automatically.


  • For making paper envelope
  • For enclosing letters
  • For brochures.
  • For Pharmaceutical Applications.
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